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Journeyman III

Virtual Desktop Driver Crashes

Anytime i try to launch a VR Game through virtual desktop on the new 21.12.1 Drivers the game will just crash and the virtual desktop will not relaunch steamvr, it will be perfectly fine but after game launch it will be broken. 

I have a 6800xt if that means anything

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Journeyman III

I have the same issue, switching my desktop streamer back to H.264 solved it but it's annoying for sure

Journeyman III

Why is May 2022 still not resolved ?????????????

Journeyman III


I want to play VR on my latest drivers and have it not look like **bleep** since the h254 encoder looks super bad.



Adept II

The latest driver that works with HEVC is 21.10.2 all the newer versions have the same issue, the recent "AMD Software Preview Driver May 2022" doesn't work.

AMD drivers are giving me pain.

use vd's hevc mode and it crashes, I'm using amd's 6700xt, 22.5.1, h264 works fine, but it crashes as soon as I use hevc. This has been bothering me for a month, and I have used various methods without a good solution. When I uninstalled the driver, the driver 30.0.13023.4001 downloaded automatically by windows can use hevc, but the frame rate is very bad. Does anyone have the same problem as me? Is there any recommended?

With the popularity of quest2, the group of vr players is getting bigger and bigger, I hope AMD can pay attention to our group of vr players, maybe we can fix this problem in the next version, thank you.

Adept I

Yea this really sucks, I wish they could address this. I would much rather play with hevc. 


I'm glad i found this post, for a very long time. I could not play Half Life Alyx, I beat the game on my rift s, rx590 8b, AMD 2700 (non-x), medium setting. Performance dropped in certain areas and I wanted to experience the game in  a better way... I decided to upgrade.


Upgraded my whole system, keep the case and power supply

AMD 5600x, tried both a 6700xt & 6800xt(current) Quest 2 and the game ran horrible with virtual desktop and airlink. Purchased a seperate wireless router after looking at the network stats, game still did bad. Switched streaming settings and to Hvec and I was doing better, not wonderful but better.

Later tried playing the game again after many driver updates and it just crashed all over the place, same with Pavlor. The only game I could run from steam was Compound. Switch back to the other encoder and it runs but the latency is in the 50s or so and it doesn't look good.

I think my future gpu may be  an Nvidia card

Adept I

Any progress with the issue? Downgrading to two years old driver does the job but it is not a good solution to use old driver with the latetes GPU just because AMD is not able to fix the issue for two years. Pity I did not know about the issue before I have swaped from Nvidia to AMD. If there wont be any progress i will swap back for sure.

I say if you are a avid VR gamer, don't go AMD until they clearly come out and apologize and give a real solution.

Journeyman III

Can confirm as of February 5, 2023, this issue still persists with Virtual Desktop. Sorry but I'm not using 22.5.1 just for VR. Oculus Air Link works, albeit is not a great alternative to Virtual Desktop. Really disappointed in this and as someone who uses VR multiple hours a week, this will get me back to buying Nvidia next time I need a new GPU.

(Using a 6900XT)