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Journeyman III

Videos on Edge flickering

Hi all,

So I'm on a 2021 Zephyrus G15 (5900HS / RTX 3080) and have been having flickering issues with Edge on websites with videos (twitter, facebook, dailymail etc) using the built-in display, thus using AMD display drivers. Flickering occurs on each video as well as the mouse pointer, not the whole screen.

Examples can be seen here


The AMD driver in the captured videos was the one that Windows Update provided 30.0.13002.1001 (store version). I've installed 22.1.2, 22.2.1 and even the latest ones. Driver only as I don't use Adrenaline at all for anything. I've also done WITH adrenaline software (disabling vari-bright etc) but again, I don't game with the iGPU and I use 0 features from it so would rather have just the display driver only.

Chipset drivers are the latest ones.

I'm 90% sure this didn't happen a few months ago, it just started happening last week or so? What's more bizarre is that it's not captured in OBS, it can only be seen in the screen itself. It also does NOT happen when I'm connected to an external display, bypassing iGPU straight to Nvidia's 3080.

I've seen many posts here about the entire screen flickering but this isn't the case for me, it's just the embedded videos on websites, or even scrolling through a website with tons of gifs etc.

Has anyone experienced this?


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Journeyman III

I was just at a Microsoft Teams call in browser (Edge), using 22.5.1 (driver only), flickering all over the place on all video participants. When someone was sharing their screen, that particular feed was fine but cameras were just going mental. 

Issue still persisting on Twitter or any website that has embedded videos (minus youtube for some reason). 22.1.2, 22.2.1, 22.2.2 and now 22.5.1. All the same.

Journeyman III

Same issue on same laptop. I'm glad someone else pointed it out, I couldn't have done as good as you did.
It also didn't happen for me until some time, but I didn't really notice when since I was used to use only the dedicated GPU all the time, until some weeks ago.
I've also got some coil whine when using the GPU (like Genshin Impact for example, it's really noticeable in the menu with no fan sound, and you can tell if it's refreshing at 60hz or 165hz based on the speed of the coil whine sound).

Journeyman III

This happened a while back to me but I forgot how I fixed it. Think I had to roll back a graphics driver update or something. Try rolling back the AMD and Nvidia drivers by one version

Journeyman III

Same issue here: the flickering started happening when I updated to v22.8.2 of the adrenalin driver.
In my case (XFX RX 6700 XT) I also get driver crashes and BSODs (VIDEO_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_INTERNAL) if the flickering goes on long enough.

In some websites, the flickering does not appear. It depends the specific video encoding, maybe?

Before I updated to v22.8.2 I had no flickering but the driver crashes were still happening. I had no problem last year so I think it's some bug introduced with one of the latest driver versions.

No issue whatsoever with Firefox so, while AMD resolves it, I just changed browser as a workaround.



Disabling hardware acceleration in Edge also works.

Journeyman III

I just got a RX 6800 and have experience the flickering on embedded videos within Chrome.  I tried the latest driver that was just released as well as 22.5.1 and got the issue on both.

Disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome did fix the issue for me, as pointed out earlier in the thread.

Hoping a future driver will resolve the bug.