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Journeyman III

Video signal failures with RX 5700 XT

I bought a RX 5700 XT sapphire Nitro + 8GB a month ago and since then I have had constant problems with it.
From black screens to TOTAL loss of the video signal, I have it connected to a Lg 24gl600f 144hz Freesync monitor I changed it because I thought my previous monitor (game factor MG 600) was wrong.
At first I thought that it was the refresh rate (144hz) I lowered the rate to 120 and still I have constant black screens especially after closing some games, even stopping to give video signal, I had the driver 19.10 installed. 1 and even this driver gave me problems from the beginning

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Could you specify your power supply and processor? 
Did you remove the old drivers with DDU in Windows safe mode and try the latest one?
Did you perform OCCT PSU test?

Adept II

I have the same issue and many others. Ignore the DDU advice, this is an issue with AMD's drivers and all we can do is wait.

You're thinking of waiting, but you're lying to yourself. Signal lost problem is usually hardware-related. Either the GPU is problematic or the PSU is problematic. If the PSU is the problem, it safely disconnects power and the signal goes away. Usually computer failure handles this way. In addition, if this problem is caused bydriver, instant signal loss may occur. AMD additional driver components sometimes cause such problems. You can try turning off these components with Windows Task Scheduler (AMDCN, AMDDVR and etc...) and Windows Service Manager (AMD External Events Utility). The system must be restarted if the components are disabled for applying. Consumer rights should be used if your power supply is sufficient and all attempts are inconclusive.


I've dnoe everything you mentioned and more, my PC is fine and I have a 800W platinum PSU, these issues only appeared with the 5700XT. With the amount of people experiencing the exact same issue, it would be some bizarre coincidence where everyone's hardware went faulty at the same time.

This problem won't be solved by waiting. You will make the right decision, but I think consumer rights should be used.


haha yeah I should specify that I decided I'm watiing until Monday so I can RMA this card into heaven

Excuse me. There's something else I'd like to add. It is now up to you to apply.

A quality PSU does not cause to fall of GPU 12V. Download and run HWiNFO and Furmark software (800x600 without AA for Furmark). Check the GPU 12V with HWiNFO during the Furmark test. If GPU 12V is below 12, your system has a PSU quality problem. It may also be more accurate to measure GPU 12V under CPU load. I wish you good luck.


Done. 12v the whole time. Do you own a 5700XT?


No. If the 12V does not drop, the PSU is probably in good condition.


Thought as much, thanks for the help anyway - 2070S in a week or so hopefully

Thanks for the post. 

I am looking into this issue of the screen going back and the signal being lost from the monitor. 

I would appreciate it if you could provide the following information so i can pass this feedback onto engineering. Please include steps on how to reproduce the issue. 

I once had a signal loss problem. I want to explain this issue in detail. I hope it helps to you. When Radeon Image Sharpening feature is enabled and VSR is disabled, signal loss occurs at the time No Mans Sky game (with Beyond update so with Vulkan API) is run. I'm using CRU for my system and I'm deleting resolution and hertz values except 120 hertz 1080p. This problem does not occur when Radeon Image Sharpening feature is used with VSR and the game is running properly. This problem is perhaps similar to OP has. My specs are here...

ASUS ROG STRIX RX 480 8GB GPU Intel Core i5 8600k 4700 Mhz CPU 2x8GB (dual) 3200 Mhz DDR4 ASUS TUF-Z370PLUS Mobo with Latest BIOS 750W PSU with Gold Cert 2x250GB Samsun Evo 850 with RAID ViewSonic XG2401 on DP with 1080p 120 Hertz 48-120 FPS FreeSync Range

Edit: This problem causes instant signal loss with 19.10.2 driver. The game stops and WattMan returns to the factory settings after instant signal loss. So still either VSR or Radeon Image Sharpening doesn't work flawlessly. Also, the old drivers wanted a hard reset. 

Just as mstfbsrn980 I am having black screens too, occasionally a blue screen, with RX 5700 XT. Playing Battlefront 2 with Enhanced Sync on crashes it more often than without, but sometimes it does crash with Enhanced Sync turned off. Enabling hardware acceleration in Chrome still does make the card crash. 

All with the new, 19.10.2 driver. After crash, it says that Wattman setting have been reset. 

Enhanced Sync still does cause crashes, as is hardware acceleration in browsers. A fix for these issues would be great, it seems to be around for multiple month now

My build is shaped like this:

CPU: AMD ryzen 7 2700

MOBO: Asus prime PRO X370 -BIOS ver 3.1-

RAM: 32GB (8X4) Teamgroup T-force Delta Rgb (2X) Corsair Vengance LPX (X2) all often 3000mhz

PSU: corsair CX 750 80+ bronze

Graphic card: Sapphire Nitro+ Rx 5700 Xt 8g
Monitor: Lg 24gl600f 144hz Freesync -DP active, 120 hz, 1080p-
Radeon Software Crimson Edition 19.10.2
SO: windows 10 PRO 64 bits -act 10.0.18362-

got a black screen for 10 seconds on the desktop

rx 5700 xt

driver version 19.10.2


try using version 19.12.1. Do not try anything else. I'm doing fine with that.  let me know