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Journeyman III

Video Games Turning Blue After Driver Update

A couple days ago, I got a notification saying there was a new Radeon update. It's for Radeon Pro Software  Version, and it was released November 13th, 2020. Seemed odd to me that I got the notification over two months later, but I had it run the update. Ever since then, I've had certain video games in Steam gaining a decidedly blue hue. In particular, the original PuyoPop Tetris was nearly all blue in its cut scenes, Among Us's signature red astronaut was blue (and other colors were oddly shifted in the game itself leading to some confusion), and just trying Sam & Max Save The World (the remastered edition) presented the world through a blue filter.

However! While tapping my keyboard's volume buttons, a graphic popped up to show me the sliding volume scale, and during the few seconds where the volume bar was visible, Sam & Max was back to the normal coloration. Then it went blue again after the volume was adjusted.

(I've also wondered if some of this might be related to another game called To The Stars And Beyond which features a shifting color palette of backgrounds and foregrounds as part of its unlockable progression rewards. Nothing seems off about it, but the fact that it shifts colors made me wonder if it might've been causing a weird glitch on my global settings, but so far I've not found anything)

I've tried finding other solutions, but so far most of them involve finding obscure settings in individual games, and this problem appears to be applying itself semi-globally. Things like Hearthstone and Team Fortress 2 appear unaffected, I think, but I couldn't tell you why. Any suggestions for fixing this?


((If it helps, I've got an AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon HD Graphics for my CPU, and an AMD Radeon HD 8330 for my GPU. This is a Satelite C55-A laptop.))

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Sorry I can't help you since I don't know what is wrong, but what I do know is that reinstalling the latest graphics drivers with a factory reset / clean install in addition to installing the latest Windows 10 updates may actually solve the issue.

I wish you the best!

Journeyman III

I was having this error after updating my drivers, I rolled back my display adapter driver and everything is cool.