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Journeyman III

Video freezes on fullscreen/multi monitors

I'm using dual 4K/60hz monitors.

Can't stream two fullscreen video in chrome. It will stutter / freeze or even system breakdown.

This problem happens on both 7900XT (2DP) and 7600 iGPU (DP+HDMI).

Enable/Disable Freesync not solve.

Enable/Disable HDR not solve.

Enable/Disable HDCP not solve.

But Enable MediaFoundation for Clear in chrome://flags works. Yet it prevent me to play some other video to play like this 

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Journeyman III

I sign up just to comment that I had the same problem and your miraculous solution WORKS!! THANKS!! I have a RX 6600M..

Journeyman III

Exactly the same issue here.

Affects both Youtube videos, and Twitch streams when played fullscreen.


Ryzen 5600X, RX 6800, 3 monitors, Win10.


Primary Monitor is a Dell S2721DGF (2560x1440,165Hz, 10bit, SDR)

Secondary Monitors are both Dell U2412M (1920x1200, 60Hz, 8bit, SDR)

All connected via DisplayPort.


The OP's suggested solution appears to solve the issue.

Still needs to be urgently looked into by AMD though, as this is a mainstream use case!


- An AMD hardware stack from top to bottom; CPU, motherboard chipset, and GPU.

- the most popular web browser in the world.

- the most popular operating system in the world.

- the second most popular website in the world.


The only slightly atypical aspect to the system configuration is the presence of multiple monitors.

Though even that is close to being a majority amongst users with dedicated graphics cards.

I thought the days of glaring bugs in AMD GPU drivers was behind us?