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Adept II

Video display bug


Yesterday, I reported a problem with video playback through the driver feedback feature and I have since managed to solve it by accident. However, my solution suggests that there still is a bug in your drivers.

When playing videos (Internet and files) they would get cropped (minus around 1cm on all four sides with a black bar (even in windowed mode) – most noticeably with text on the edge that would get cropped as well) and smaller – as if it were underscan.

However, desktop overscan/underscan is set to 0 and the problem still occurs (the desktop display is fullscreen and and fine and the problem only pertains to video stuff! - my display is a 32” Samsung telly at 1920x1080)! I have since discovered that the problem goes away if you disable ‘AMD Steady Video’ under the video properties! ‘AMD Fluid Motion Video’ can remain enabled or disabled. Video stuff stays fullscreen. This happens regardless whether the stuff to be played back is a file, a video on the net, or e.g. a DVD.

Apart from that, it would be nice if you could add the classic video essentials to your future drivers. I mean colour intensity, contrast, and saturation to the video section of your drivers.

Furthermore, it would be vital if you could also add 0-255 / 16-235 as well! A grey background just does not look very good indeed. That would at least be a start ;-).

Ever since the Rage chips, ATI/AMD used to be the pinnacle when it comes to video/DVD playback on the PC. Your current drivers (Crimson) unfortunately are a joke as far as video stuff is concerned. However, it is indeed very much appreciated that you are actually making an effort on the gaming front :-). Nevertheless, you are neglecting a vital field that used to separate you from the rest.

If I had the choice between Crimson and Catalyst with your new drivers I would definitely go for Catalyst! In my opinion the new user interface looks good but is a waste of space. Alright you could still slim it down even more – cf. Nvidia’s Forceware drivers for e.g. the Geforce GT6600. Those were slick and (comparatively) small.

Otherwise keep up the good work.



P.S:: I am referring to the current version (Crimson 16.4.1) under Win 8.1 64bit on a R9 390.

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Journeyman III

Re: Video display bug

I know this is an old thread but hopefully someone having this problem will stumble across this.  I also had this same problem with the adrenaline 20.1.3 drivers and an RX480, I think I found the problem and it's AMD Steady Video.   Turning off Steady Video seemed to correct the black bars/cropping.  Performance also seemed to be improved.