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Adept I

Video Capture CPU/GPU Load Issues

Hi all,

I'm running a Radeon RX580 eGPU on my 2019 MacBook Pro 16" (with 5300 discrete graphics).  I'm using it with a single external display powered by the GPU, with the 21.11.1 drivers (BootCampDrivers blue, installed after a DDU wipe in safe mode).

I've been having a big issue with capturing from my Elgato CamLink 4k: when I view the capture input in VLC, OBS, or Elgato's Game Capture software, the footage is choppy, often to the point of unplayability.  However, when I use the Windows Camera app, everything is flawless and buttery smooth at 1080p60.  I've noticed in Task Manager that it seems that the other apps are having a lot of trouble offloading the video processing to the GPU.  When viewing in Windows Camera, the GPU hovers around 50%, with barely any CPU usage.  In the other apps, GPU usage is consistently low, and CPU usage is much higher.

Any suggestions?  I'd happily just use the Windows Camera app for playing/streaming my PS4 gameplay, but its fullscreen mode isn't true fullscreen (still has borders).


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Adept I

i dont know but on rx570 - rx580 capture is broken in obs in any capture method i get micro stutters , microlags and choppy video.Change to nvidia all fine and on newest amd gpu all fine!i think somthink broken in AMD drivers.

You're probably right.  It's just bizarre that MS's implementation (for the Camera app) works exactly as it should, but no other program is able to work right.  Like, hey AMD, I know us old RX500-series card owners don't matter much anymore, but give MS a call and figure out what they're doing right.


That's weird, i used RX570 with OBS studio for video capture a lot and didn't experience any issues.
However, there are a lot of factors that might have broken a proper functioning, so it could be just a lucky exception in my case.
Also, that was some older OBS version, i didn't update it for a long time, maybe newer versions have introduced some new issues/bugs.

Soon will try this out with upgraded CPU/Mobo and newer OS, will see how does it work now...

Were you using it as a dedicated GPU inside a desktop, or as an eGPU (as I am, with my laptop?).  After some experimentation, I've figured out that it's 95% likely to be a driver problem.  If I disable the RX 580 eGPU, then OBS performs as it should with my internal 5300m.  If it's enabled, it seems like there's a problem with load balancing, or offloading decoding onto the RX 580.


It was a dedicated GPU inside a desktop with no integrated GPU.

Thanks for chiming in.  For now my workaround is disabling the RX580 and using the 5300M with a USB-C to HDMI cable for an external display.  Not terribly elegant, but better than no solution at all.