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Adept II

Very Odd Sound Issue When Installing Driver

Hello everyone, please bear with me as this is a strange problem I am having. A couple of drivers ago I encountered an issue with my sound. Heres my set up so you know what I have.

Windows 10, 64 Home 1909 Build

Intel i7 5820k 3.3


AMD Radeon R9 Fury X (19.10.1 WHQL currently)

Creative Sound Blaster 3Di Onboard, with 7.1 Creative Speakers

Now, when I updated a while ago to a new AMD Driver, I restarted my PC and when I played some music, all of a sudden my surround sound is gone. All I hear sound out of is the front 3 speakers. The mid and rear speakers and totally quiet. Mind you, I can get sound out of them when I do a test of speakers, but on any normal day, all speakers play sound, not super loud due to my settings, but I can hear music out of side and rear.

At first, thought it was Windows Update, Microsoft messing up, the usual. However, I recently reinstalled my recent driver due to a weird Windows Update installing (AMD extension 26.20.13002.133). And now the sound issue is back. I did a test and uninstalled all AMD items, driver, folders, etc. And wouldnt you know it, all speakers, work perfectly.

I reinstalled, sound is gone again. Uninstalled, JUST TO MAKE SURE, and yes, sound is back, plays like it should. I reinstalled 19.10.1 WHQL because I do game, so I needed a driver obviously, so I am dealing with it, and the surround comes on when a game is on, so I do hear side and rear speakers, however, the sound is really hollow. Not a full clear sound. Sorry, hard to explain, but I know its not right.

This is how I know something with the AMD driver is messing up my sound. Now when I do install, I only install the driver and settings. I do not install the error reporting thing or the HDMI sound thing. Its worked fine doing it this way for as long as I know.

I know this is confusing, but I do hope someone can help, it would be appreciated.

Thank You!