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Adept I

Very low fps in Jedi: Fallen Order (Adrenalin 2020)


I've been playing Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order since a couple of days now without any major issues. However, today I wanted to play and at completely random moments the fps just drops from a steady 60-144 fps to like 5 fps.

I highly doubt this is because of the game as it has been running perfectly fine before. Also, another reason I think this is because Windows 10 itself because a little delayed as in, every program takes a couple of seconds to start up and buttons that should light up instantly when going over them with the cursor, don't.

Also, with every program I opened the pc makes a "beeping" noise that is similar to what Radeon Chill (Or Anti-lag?) does when starting a game. I turned this off instantly 'cause this is just insanely annoying.

Also, gaming mode is turned off specifically for these reasons. Radeon Settings is set on the settings profile "Standard".

I've had numorous cases of a game that runs poorly or started having issues with the new Adrenalin 2020 drivers.. I've done clean installs and tried a lot of things people suggested but nothing worked.

Games that I've had issues with after installing the new drivers are; Apex Legends, Titanfall 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and now Jedi Fallen Order.

Does anyone have an idea as to what might be causing these issues? There is so little to be found on the internet about this which makes me believe I'm one of the few that has problems with the new AMD drivers..

Thanks in advance, I attached a dxdiag to the post.

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I also experienced poor performance lately and I ran heaven benchmark with gpu-z in the background to monitor gpu clock and memory clocks and the memory clocks didn't ramp up to maximum. I was getting 1000 to 2000 MHz instead of the usual 3500 MHz. Tried uninstalling and ddu, installed fresh copy of the latest drivers and same behavior.

The new 2020 drivers are pretty bugged you're not the only one with poor performance and sudden fps drops. I gave up and installed 19.12.1 and all is working fine again. Hope they fix these new drivers in the next version.

Just install 19.12.1 and I'm pretty sure that will fix the problems for now.

Very weird. I hope they will release new driver updates that will fix these issues. It's unbearable in some games and it is no improvement over the old 2019 driver software.. 

On topic though; I was playing with an Xbox One Wireless controller. This seemed to cause the FPS issues. I plugged it in via a wire, forcing it not to use Bluetooth and from this moment it worked fine.

However, for the other games and the known issue of random signal loss during certain games, it has not been resolved.