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Very BAD 2D GDI performance - bug Radeon Driver (video demonstrations)

Very low 2D GDI performance on Classic theme Windows 7 - Bug in RADEON drivers.

This bug all new AMD cards:

- Radeon HD 7XXX;

- Radeon R5, R7, R9 series;

- Radeon RX 400, RX 500 series

with Radeon Driver - from Catalyst v15.7 to Radeon Crimson v18.6.1 (all versions)

NVidia and Intel card there are no problems!!!

Unfortunately, the problem low 2D performance is present on AMD cards only.

AMD keeps silent and hiding this bug. Forum -

Video demonstration of this problem:

1) Appeal to all technical specialists about Radeon bug

2) 2D Test - 2D performance of aero and classic theme (bandicam)

3) Demonstration of poor 2D performance on real programs.

Slow scaling of the drawing in P-CAD and lags of the spectrum foobar2000.

4) Uninstall RADEON driver - increased performance in 2D GDI.

This is not a joke - it works so badly AMD driver.

Rendering time with Radeon driver is 140 ms and without driver 20 ms.

Software rendering of Windows faster, than "hardware" acceleration from AMD.

5) 2D Test - 2D performance of aero and classic theme (camera)

6) Demonstration from another user on the Radeon R9 380. The bugs are exactly the same!

Video 1:

Video 2:

7) Compare 2D GDI performance - Discrette OLD vs Discrette NEW.

Experiment 1. Old card PowerColor HD4670 (2009)+ Catalyst v13.9

Experiment 2. New card ASUS Radeon R7 360 2G (2016) + Crimson v18.4.1

Resume: The old video card is faster.

8) Compare 2D GDI performance - Discrette vs Integrated.

Test #1: Discrette graphic card - Radeon R7 360. Very low performance

Test #2: Integrated CPU Intel i5-6500 - HD 530. Normal performance

Resume: Integrated CPU i5-6500 HD530 has higher 2D performance than the discrette Radeon R7 360.

9) The performance of the GPU is enough! The problem is the low reading speed from the Video memory.

On the Display is lags! But on the Bandicam video is not lags!

From Camera:

From Bandicam:

There are other demonstrations:

- Demonstration of the absence of problems Radeon R7 360 under the system Windows XP

- A video of the "denial" of the bug, shot by an AMD employee. Video - fake !!!

The video is made on the patched Windows 8 system, under the Windows 7 interface.

After the exposure, the fake video was deleted, but I saved it.

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Community Manager

Re: Very BAD 2D GDI performance - bug Radeon Driver (video demonstrations)

Please check your private messages as i would like to collect some more information about your issue.