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Journeyman III

Vega56 cannot install driver

My PC would accidentally shut down in random, so I uninstall the driver then install the latest one(20.2.2).

However when the driver installation at the almost end, the monitor would become black and has no response,after 2~3 min, PC would automatically shut down.

And it would have a problem in booting, the screen stuck at loading to windows(see the video below), I have to use DDU in safe mode to delete the driver and then able to boot into system. Now I'm using the PC without a driver.

Does anyone have the same situation or a solution to this issue?

I've tried older version : 18.12.X 19.6.X 19.12.X

And I know another guy has a same issue, he have tried reinstall the windows 10 and it didn't work as well. 

My spec:

CPU+MB : 1700 + X370F

SSD : M9PEG 1tb

GPU : MSI Vega 56

window 10 ver.1903

Monitor : XV272UP

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