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Adept I

Vega3 and Relive

So I'm curious if the Relive DVR feature set, which is now walled off to all Vega3 and Vega 8 Users, why does the startdvr Process still run. Any Chance of that being unlocked again, Just to be clear I know its still capable as I was able to extract the old UI out of an Old driver package, and slapped it on the current driver and Guess what ran just fine?..... Relive. Did not want to go through that process every driver install so I submit and just use other inferior solutions to that task. Also AMD link serves no purpose whatsoever without relive.

Is this the Start of those Apple/Nvidia style forced obsolescence tactic? Please AMD from a Long Time user... Dont go down that road man, you have tremendous goodwill amongst alot of users. Don't be them. We love you.


Ryzen 5 3600 &--Crucial Ballistix 16GB--GTX 1080ti
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