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Adept I

Vega issues with Stellaris

Running Win10 and Stellaris just doesn't want to play ball.

First up running DirectX version is just non-functional. It loads up the main menu the first time, allows you to try to start a game, then when loading the game it'll freeze on "loading gfx maps".

After that it'll fail to load at all and freeze when clicking on the New Game button or the Multiplayer button from the main menu.

So after about an hour of searching I found that it possibly works with a very specific driver (17.9.3, a beta driver at that!) and then only a slight possibility. Seeing as I use features of the latest drivers it's an unpleasant process to load up old drivers just for a game session.

Then I found that I could make the game function via the -opengl tag on the game. Ran that, however it crashes without fail around 1.5hrs into a session.

This of course is frustrating but less so than it not working at all. Paradox so far have responded with only comments of "This is a known issue for a good bit of games with AMD Drivers. We have no control over it."

DxDiag is attached for reference.

System used:
AMD ThreadRipper 1950x @4.0GHz

AMD Vega64 on 18.2.1 Drivers

Samsung B2450 1080p Monitors (2)

ASUS ROG Zenith Motherboard

Corsair AX1200 PSU

Corsair Dominator 32GB 3200MHz DDR3

OS: Win 10

1 Solution

Looks like it's fixed in the 18.4.1 patch notes.

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Community Manager

I have opened an engineering ticket on this issue.

Thankyou, it's appreciated.


Latest driver 18.2.3 seems to have eliminated the OpenGL crash in Stellaris for me. Managed to play for around 4hrs the other day.

DX9 also seems to have been fixed for at least one respondent on the Paradox forums, however is still a problem in my case. Same issue though it happens at the point of spawning the universe now instead of at the "loading gfx maps" part of the game load sequence.

Thanks for trying the new driver 18.2.3. I did a clean install of this version and I was successful in running OpenGL for 2.5 hours without crash, before I could only get at max 1.5 hours on 17.9.3. Haven't finished testing, but I will put more time in the game and try the various configurations while I am at, to see what works for me and what doesn't.


Looks like it's fixed in the 18.4.1 patch notes.

Adept III

just bumping to say i have this issue as well with my vega 56. never had this issue with my rx 580 i had prior. ton of users having it.

Journeyman III

Stellaris - Steam Charts

Guys this game is reasonably popular... could someone please look into this?

17.9.3 driver works.

Everything after dosent. The most recent I have tried is 18.3.4.

The -opengl launch parameter works but its garbage, the game crashes when minimized etc... AMD suck at opengl... which is fine I know its an old API and vulkan is intended to supplant it and thats where the development effort goes.

But could you please make Stellaris work on DirectX with Vega? Or at least 100% confirm that it is something Paradox must fix?