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Adept I

Vega + Instant Replay unstable with any settings in Wattman

I've noticed some weird behavior with Vega cards. I have a reference Sapphire Vega 56 and a MSI Air Boost Vega 64 here for testing. Especially with Vega 56 undervolting is extremely rewarding so I gave it a go.

I found stable settings but then as soon as I played some CS:GO with Relive Instant Replay on the driver would crash after a couple games or when launching the game. I restarted the PC and tested again at stock and it was stable now.

I then did a little test: I enabled Relive Instant replay and all I changed in Wattman was the power target to -1. I assumed this should be stable but it crashed again. I then tried several things like reducing the GPU clock in P7 by 1 MHz etc.

Any change in Wattman causes the driver to crash when Instant Replay is enabled! The UV itself is completely stable as long as Instant Replay is off.

Test system 1: 

i7 4790k

16 GB DDR3

750W PSU (Be quiet Straight Power 11)

AMD Driver 18.12.3/19.1.1/19.3.3

Windows 10 Professional, build 1809

Test System 2:

Pentium G4560


480W PSU (Be quiet Straight Power E9)

AMD Driver 18.12.3/19.1.1/19.3.3

Windows 10 Home, build 1809

Steps to reproduce:

With a Vega 56/64 graphics card enable instant replay, set it to 2 minutes and set the bitrate to 40 mbps.

Apply any change in Wattman, e.g. lowering the power target by 10%.

Play or repeatedly launch CS:GO (or use Superposition Benchmark with 4k optimized) with system reboots in between. The driver will reset at some point. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 games to crash, sometimes it happens while launching the game or benchmark.

It would be greatly appreciated if this could be resolved somehow. UV is almost essential to get most out of Vega cards and Instant Replay is very important to me to catch highlights.

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Adept I

Exactly the same problem but with Radeon R9 Nano.

Card has enough power to play games with -50% power limit without fan noise but then ReLive Replay crash driver.

With 0% power limit fan is too loud but then ReLive Replay do not crash driver.


Today playing without anychanges at Wattman got driver crash too but look like it takes longer to gain crash.

So looks like problem is not execly in Wattman but Wattman has something with that becase with Wattman crashes common and without not so.

Adept I

I have now tested in multiple other test systems and the problem persisted. Even after a reboot when not changing anything in Wattman. It's Relive itself.

Enabling Relive instant replay at stock makes Vega unstable in CS:GO and Superposition. As CS:GO is the main game I play I'm going to have to sell the Vega cards and switch to Nvidia. I'm not going to take a chance that AMD fixes this on Navi.

EDIT: I have also tested all newer driver releases up to 19.6.2. 


At my case even after claen drivers install and not touching settings at all (only tunred on ReLive Instant Replay) make drivers unstable.

Some games need more time to drivers crash some less but it happens with any game.

Noticed that few seconds just before crash game start stutter/freezes more nad more often and at some point display freeze (sound still play, action still go on).


Yep. I do not have this on a RX 480 though. That card is completely stable.

Maybe this has to do with HBM? In any case, if AMD doesn't want to fix this I'm gonna have to return the card.

ryh schrieb:

Some games need more time to drivers crash some less but it happens with any game.

I definitely don't have it in all games. Killing Floor 2 is completely stable (10+ hrs without a crash), Apex Legends only crashes when I changed a setting in Wattman (stable with Relive turned on). 

ryh schrieb:


Noticed that few seconds just before crash game start stutter/freezes more nad more often and at some point display freeze (sound still play, action still go on).

I didn't notice that yet, I will pay closer attention to it. For me the crashes vary, but usually my displays will go dark and then they're re-initialized when the driver restarts. While this happens I can usually still talk with others over Teamspeak.

Volunteer Moderator

Everyone with this issue should report it to AMD:

Online Service Request | AMD 

Adept I

The same issue with Radeon R9 Nano I've got after upgraded to Radeon RX 5700. Even after fresh (from zero) Windows 10 installation the same.

Noticed that ive got some crashes of TCPIP.sys sometimes.

Thought that maybe LAN card (wired connection to router).

I use cFosSpeed for many years (not sur if it do something but got free licence years ago).

After delete cFosSpeed - its 2 weeks now without any crash of TCPIP.sys or Radeon Replay.

So - if U are ising cFosSpeed or similar software (some MB vendors got such) - try without it.