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Journeyman III

Vega 64 Driver Dark screen and Flicker

My Desktop pc (Win 11 pro):

  • Vega 64 
  • intel i7 10700k
  • 32gb ram
  • Gigabyte M27Q (Display)

A month ago my pc automatically startet a driver update. After the Update the i could normally work on my Pc but 10 minutes after start (sometime earlier) the brightness of the screen was suddenly very low. It is not a Windows setting or something else. Its the Driver. I uninstalled the new driver and got the old one. but then the display starts to flicker. So I installed the newest driver. At First there was an error (not supported) but when I restarted the Pc it installed normally.  When I use a Fullscreen program  my pc randomly minimises it and I see the home screen like when I press (Win + D).  I read the release notes and I'm not sure which is right. 

When you look at the website the Vega Series is not supported .


then I found this link and there is the Vega Series supported.


I tried both but there is the same error  randomly (mostly after 5 min) I see the Home Desktop. Then I Tab back and after a short time it happened again. So I can't use fullscreen anymore. If someone can help it would be great. I tried to install an even older driver but there is the same mistake with the very very dark screen and flicker.




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