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Journeyman III

Vega 56 Driver failure

My ASUS Strix Vega 56, is having some major driver problems that I cant for the life of me solve.

I'll start from the beginning, I was playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare and after a short while maybe two - three games I started getting some odd artifacting, but it wasn't too bad so I continued to play, not long afterwards I close the game and restart the PC to try and clear the artifacting. Upon reboot and trying to reopen Modern Warfare my system/ warns be that my GPU doesn't have sufficient VRAM for the game (hmm pretty odd.) Anyways I notice in device manager my card has the Yellow exclamation warning and reads "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

I used DDU to wipe my drivers and reinstall my AMD drivers, still the same issue.

I used AMD Cleanup to wipe my drivers and reinstall my AMD drivers, still the same issue.

I started to think maybe it was a windows causing issues with the AMD drivers so I do a fresh install of windows, use AMD Cleanup, pause all windows updates (to stop it potentially pushing a conflicting driver update) and reinstall my AMD drivers and I still have the same issue.

I've removed and re-seated the GPU in the PCI slot & removed and reinstalled the 8+8 pin power cables.

After all 3 attempts of reinstalling drivers when attempting to start Radeon software (AMD Adrenalin) I get the  "No AMD Graphics driver is installed, or the driver is not functioning properly" error. I've selected the correct driver myself and also let AMD automatically detect the correct drivers. Aswell as the continued yellow exclamation in device manager and "Code 43".

This has left me pretty stumped 

I'm starting to believe my Vega 56 is bricked, although I still get output on the PC through either HDMI or DisplayPort (but not both at the same time on my dual monitors) and  the strix RGB still illuminates