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Adept I

Vega 56 black screen

I've black screen a minute after turning any game, but i can hear sound from game. I go thought many reddit, amd community and others forums and try everything i've found there. Rollback from 20.4.2 to 20.2.2, 19.12.2, 19.7.1, 19.6.2, with using DDU and amd cleanup utility, give permissions to radeon software and run as admin,change hdmi cables, turn off chrome hardware acceleration, install drivers without radeon software, get a rid of every app in background (leaving only windows defender and radeon software), set pcie from auto to 3.0. Nothing work. I so often force reset pc that now every time i turn on pc windows scan disk for searching errors. It all starts a week ago 14 may, i dunno what they fu*ked that any driver can't fix it. With every day i think more about sell this gpu, buy nvidia and never again buy this s*it. Anyone has other solution or stable drivers?

Asus rog strix vega 56 oc

MSI z270 sli plus

HyperX Predator 2x8Gb 3600MHz


Corsair VS650 80 Plus

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Adept I

I have the same Gpu and with the same problems, but with me the issues have gradually getting worse. They happened once or twice a week but now they happen every day. I don't get a black screen with every game but most of them.

Adept I

no, but, i think the issue within Windows feature.

So roll back to an earlier version of windows? 

Unfortunately same problem on ubuntu. It's definitely amd side issue.

Adept I

Now I tried to repaste the Gpu and it seems alot more stable now. but will continue to monitor and try the same things that provoked the black screen issues, but currently running on driver version 19.12.1. Had one black screen error yesterday with this driver, but none so far after repasting.

Journeyman III

Hi, dude trouble not in drivers, trouble in GPU. i have gigabyte vega 56 and the problem is similar, but the video card goes to the black screen after some time of the game, after coolers 100%. I solved the problem by moving the video card to PCI e 2.0 on my motherboard MSI b450 A PRO. important must be pci e 16x!!! And yes, this problem not motherboard, only video card! So move the video card to the second slot on the motherboard, and if there is no such slot, then I don't even know how to help you. 

Change pci to 2.0 doesn't help. Moving the card to the second pci slot helps (a little), now black screen doesn't appear in less than minute but ~5min after turn on game. 

Adept I

K im not saying this is a fix  but so far so good 9 days without a crash 

i have a vega 64   used to crash all the time  ive been hammering my pc the last week and ive not crashed once   but ive done the following and its become stable it could be one of the things ive done  or all of them 

1/ make sure your 8 pin power connectors  is coming from  two different power rails  on your power supply

2/ enter wattman   set power limit to  -42%  might even been lower  some have  said as much as -50%

3/ set the fan curve so it  comes in at a  lower temp  and  rises to 75% at around 75 c make it gradual rise

4/ check the cables on the back of the  graphics card if you have  a spare port   try a different one   i put mine in the two hdmi ports next to each other  or  you could try one  in DP and one in hdmi 

5/ check your browsers (all of them )and turn off hardware acceleration  it appears for me i would crash if i had a browser open  when i was playing a game  

like i said I would crash every day sometimes   every 5 mins or  a few hours  but so far its been 9 days not a single crash  the  biggest thing i think that worked was the  hardware acceleration in the browser

no idea whats  going on just try it   

Adept III

As a Vega 64 user, the most stable solution that I found to this without loosing performance ( extreme downclocking, downvolting) is installing Pro Enterprise Drivers. Some of the newer games could perform a bit different but the crashes stops. Zero crashes.

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 5.21.03 PM.png
DDU and Download / install Pro WX8200 driver if you have a Vega 56.

DDU and Download / install Pro WX9100 driver if you have a Vega 64.

I been dealing with those issues since 2018.

Thanks, it works. Today I had only one black screen. 

could you send a photo of your registry "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Video\" the one with many subkey. im curious

I was wrong, it solves problem for 2 days. And now it got worse. Can't run any game even on lowest settings with -50% power usage and underclocking. Now i got it even on desktop or while booting, i've got it even in grub. My computer is completely unusable right now. I've tried 20.4.2, 20.5.1 and 20.Q2 for enterprise, for vega 56 and wx8200. Also, for test i've tried microsoft drivers, same.

did you try all the following  

1/ make sure your 8 pin power connectors  is coming from  two different power rails  on your power supply

2/ enter wattman   set power limit to  -42%  might even been lower  some have  said as much as -50%

3/ set the fan curve so it  comes in at a  lower temp  and  rises to 75% at around 75 c make it gradual rise

4/ check the cables on the back of the  graphics card if you have  a spare port   try a different one   i put mine in the two hdmi ports next to each other  or  you could try one  in DP and one in hdmi 

5/ check your browsers (all of them )and turn off hardware acceleration  it appears for me i would crash if i had hardware acceleration turned on in the browser(and they start turn on when you first install the browser)

can i ask some questions

do you have two monitors ?

exactly what happens   when it crashes 

is the cpu still working  ? you can tell if you can still hear sound from the pc  but not see anything on screen   

do fans spin different are they faster,slower or the same?


also as its just got  a lot warmer  are you sure its not heat related ?

maybe getting a hover in your pc and clear out the dust  and  clean the fans  filters  

even getting a huge house fan  and pointing at the inside pf your pc might help 

when  you was on desktop and crashed what was you doing ? what happend to your pc 

my vega 64  crash  appears to be fixed 

Ive now not crashed for 15 days 

not a single  crash  and it  appears to   be  hardware acceleration in the browsers i had to turn it off in chrome and  brave browsers

I never used  windows explorer  

now considering im at home 24/7 because of the  virus

Ive been hammering my PC and   its super hot here you would think i should have crashed a lot 

but not a single crash it super stable 

2x 8pin cable

and not a single browser run in the background, also hardware acceleration been turned off.

chronology :

Playing a game > freeze for few seconds > black screen > no signal > normal again with game and driver crash

temp on 50~60°C, load

all others my hardware is fine. tryin to run some games, ex:Valorant Only wirh IGpu/intel hd it went smooth.

if there's a way to do it in dangerous way like regedit, i would do

Answering your tips:

1) I use 1 power cable with 2x8 pin. My psu isn't modular and back my pc is a mess so i don't want search another power cable. I have it plugged by one cable since i bough this card(almost a year ago) and i never had this problem before.

2) -50% in benchmarks still crash, in games is a little more stable.

3) I've set at 56 c 100%, in furmark i got crash around 42 c, i have open air case and i don't have problem with temps.

4) i have to buy dp to test, don't have right now, i tried other hdmi cables but same problem

5) My only browsers are opera and explorer(with i use once to download opera few months ago). I turn off hardware acceleration in opera settings and in control panel for explorer.
Your questions:

1) Yes i do have 2 monitors, lc24f396fhuxen and lc24rg50fquxen

2) I see no signal notification from both monitors, i can hear music from yt, music from game. When i talk with friends thought discord i can hear disconnection and reconnection sound, like i don't have internet. Sound from game and yt after a while have 1 sec crashes like when system crash. When that happens i can hear that gpu fans are stop. Even with custom fan speed.

When 20.5.1 drivers out, i install them with hope that it is fixed. And it seems to be fixed, i play 8h on ac odyssey without any problem. Next day problem back. I've got black screen even during typing this answer, nothing in background and no other tabs. My psu is a little old, i buy it 3/4 years ago, maybe even more but i don't want to spend money on solution that may doesn't work.

All games i can play is lol (max settings) and valorant (everything low without anty aliasing) and other low gpu usage games like factorio, minecraft.

my line of thinking is if your  computer can last 8 hours 

something happens  to cause it to crash  the temps are ok  so its  something rare happens 

it could even be two things happening at random times and only when they both happen at exactly the same time  it causes you to crash 

so im thinking 

1/ the power cable is quite important from what ive read

it appears vega cards draw a lot of power normally too much from a single rail then when graphics card tries  to  draw too much power it from a single rail. its  causing a graphics card crash 

the card having the power coming  from two rails  makes it easier on the power supply

but your whole pc is crashing   so might not be the problem 

2/ try hdmi cable in other ports  or dp  cables which you have said your going to try 

3/ try one monitor  see if you become more stable

I noticed if i did this  the pc was 100% stable and i never crashed with one monitor working

4/ try changing the fan curve in your  ati drivers

mine was a passive fan which didnt spin and  then only span  when needed  

so i set mine up  to slowly spin from boot up and  rise slowly as the   temp rise i noticed

when i  first got the  drives  they didnt kick in then suddenly needed a lot of fans 

 i made it less stressful on the power supply


BTW a lot of people who bought new power supplies still had the problem after

Its why I was always looking for another answer 

5/ older drivers appear to work better  for a lot of people and as time has gone on vegas have become less stable   try going back to  a older  one

im using 20.1.3

some say  19 or even 18 drivers  are  still good you could try them 

Adept I

1. Windows problem ?. does anyone here that use windows 7/linux/etc than win 8 and 10?

2. Broken Gpu, aged?

im out, gotta change it to Green team or back to rx 570

Arch with xf86-video-amdgpu driver. Same problem.

Adept I

Just some heads up

I crashed today I lasted 23 days  in  total  and only had a single  crash

the amount of people who  have this problem   and never fix it they can  go  and spend out on  new power supplies  and hours of time and ive come to the conclusion if you get a bad vega they always stay  bad nothing you can do will fix them   

you sometimes think  you have  fixed it and  can get it  pretty stable  but    they always  have the last laugh  

i must admit i really thought i had  fixed it  i almost lasted a month   which isnt bad 

but  for me this is the  last AMD card I will ever get

Adept I

Hello everyone.


I'm having this issue also...but but but...i have one thing different from you.


Previous setup: Vega 56 + AMD FX


Current setup: VEGA 56 +  Ryzen


Swaped Mobo+RAM+CPU ONLY!!!




This is driving me NUTS and this really happens in 2D ambient with hardware acceleration requested by any software: i have this issue mainly with launcher (warzone).


This is ridiculous a GPU with almost 2 years having such issue...considering buying NVIDIA or returning the new setup...

The only way me and some other users absolutely solve it, is installing Pro Drivers, I been dealing with those issues since 2018, Driver 20.Q2 is just the only thing that solve blackscreens with fan issues, freezing problems and others.

Adept I

Hi Everyone!

So, after a lot of research I found myself trying a "weird" solution.

I might solved the problem in my case: undervolted the Vega 56...yes, that seems to be the solution for me.

Configured P1, 2,3 and 4 for 800mv, P5 to 850mv, P6 to 870mv and P7 to 890mv. In HWMonitor it says 818mv in 2D ambient for ex instead of 1,162v

It runs fresher/cooler, less power consumption and more smooth gaming (higher clocks are more stable).

Try in yours and let know the rest if it worked.


Journeyman III

I had this same issue and I tried everything. Very last thing I did was pulled apart my GPU and re-pasted and put new thermal pads on. The thermal pads were dry and cracked, not really doing anything. Before, I could only play a game for 30 mins and for the last 4 hours I didnt have a crash.

If youre still experiencing crashes, check your thermal paste and pads in your GPU. I have a feeling the power regulator chips get too hot when the thermal pads wear out and cause crashes.

I tried lowering the power consumption -50% and all the frequencies and voltages to the minimum, I could play for a while.
I tried to change the power supply, various settings. nothing helped. as a result, in aida64, I saw that at the start of the game, the temperature of the card (hotspot) jumps from 40 to 90 degrees for a short time, and this is at strangled settings. I disassembled the card and saw that there was no thermal paste on 15% of the processor (manufacturing defect). After I replaced the thermal paste, the video card works fine.

I bought a new video card. seal was in place0-02-05-db5005ab7d193d8fdb2d87fe84bf80c3c035da920a117ae04bd090c769e98259_650d31051f4c7c0c.jpg0-02-05-30b120861ed8b61c34273c11c1f5e9aed5c2e1bbfc070b888210be6bf1c8152c_b2fd45dc60c791f4.jpg

I have tried everything.

Repasted the gpu.

Switched pci slot. 

Reinstalled amd drivers. 

Stripped out amd recommended drivers and installed professional drivers

Cleaned out the case very thoroughly 

Bought a different psu

Made sure gpu has 2 seperate cables from 2 seperate rails on the psu

Calculated power requirements from overall system about 10 times

Uninstalled all excess software, disabled all excess services

Booted into safe mode

Under clocked card

Over clocked card

Reset factory defaults of card

Updated system bios

Followed registry hacks related to the card from YouTube

And several other things which i forget.. 


I made a change around 2 weeks ago and no black screens since. 

The black screens were happening daily, several times, but obviously the proof is in the pudding so only time will tell. 

I noticed a link. My pc would put itself to sleep after a while of inactivity, and this seemed to loosely match in with black screens. 

I.e. Games played fine, away I go to do chores for an hour, come back, play game after resuming pc from standby /hibernate and 5 minutes or 5 hours later... Black screen. 

So, I disabled power saving and no issues since.  I'm really hoping this is the golden goose.


Still no black screen.  Lots of pc game playing. This has to be it. 

Windows power saving mode... 



After 3 weeks, issues started up again.  I'm going to look at what's changed in those 3 weeks and report back.