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Journeyman III

Vega 56 and rx470 artifacting in separate computers/setups

So I have in my possession 2 systems (one is for my brother). They both have similar hardware in some cases but drastically different in others. Both have fresh installs of windows updated to the latest versions of software and etc., all will be listed below...I have artifacting issues on chrome windows, discord windows, spotify windows, in-game like witcher 3 while playing gwent, insurgency sandstorm  (white textural glitches) and too many more to mention. I have gone through 3 rma gpus with sapphire for my pulse vega 56 (all artifact in the EXACT SAME WAY) and am honestly at a loss for what to do at this point. I've tried different drivers, different gpus, different ram and different cpus even. This occurs whether at stock or overclocked with ram, gpu, cpu and etc. Listed below are the 2 SEPARATE systems the issues occur on and software/driver versions as well as a few videos to help visualize my problems. It should be noted that the issues seem to be connected to the 2020 amd drivers, though i'm not certain. Also, both systems are entirely amd based.

The videos show afterimages (like ghosting) around dialog boxes when resizing and "white artifacting" when loading in textures in insurgency. The classic rgb block artifacting occurs in witcher 3 (also happens on ads in chrome). These items all seem to occur when close to idle or when initially loading in textures in a game after moving to a new area. It's almost as if the driver can't tell the gpu to render an item fast enough or it isn't getting that information (mabye a syncing issue of some sort). Just for kicks i turned off freesync but that didn't change a thing...

System 1:

Cpu: r5 3600 (vcore adjusted to 1.36125)

Motherboard: msi tomahawk b450 max-bios version 3.5 11/7/2019

Gpu: Sapphire rx vega 56 pulse (same results at stock or overclocked)

Ram: 16 gb Gskill trident rgb 14-14-14-34 3000mhz at 1.3v (stock still gives same results)

Drives: intel 660p, seagate 2tb hard drive, samsung evo

Power supply: Corsair cxm 750w

Monitors: XG270HU and ASUS VZ279H

Gpu driver tested versions: 20.2.2, 19.9.2, 18.12.3

All gpu drivers were removed using ddu version 18.02.2 in safemode and driver updates via windows were disabled

Has occured since initial install of windows following the default driver install of devices

Current Windows Version: win 10 64 bit 1909-18363.720

System 2:

Cpu: r5 1600x (vcore adjusted to 1.35, otherwise stock)

Motherboard: msi tomahawk b450-bios version 1.7 3/6/2019

Gpu: Sapphire Powercolor rx 470 4gb

Ram: 16 gb Gskill ripjaws 3200mhz 16-18-18-38  stock

Drives: ocz ssd, 1tb barracuda

Power supply: Corsair cxm 650w

Monitors: LG 24MK400 and some old NEC 1440p display

Gpu driver tested versions: 20.2.2

Has occured since initial install of windows following the default driver install of devices

Current Windows Version: win 10 64 bit 1909-18363.720

It should be noted that I was able to get the Rx 470 working without artifacting on a intel based system. Thing is, the intel cpu wouldn't properly take ANY kind of drivers and would hard freeze (but would take os updates oddly enough). I had to install gpu drivers separately on the 1tb hard drive without the intel cpu which I believe were 16.2.2, very old.The specs of that system are identical to system 2 excluding the following:

Cpu: i7-3770k (stock)

Ram: some 8gb of prebuilt system memory without a heatsink

I really hope this helps and someone can remedy this mess because i'm at my wit's end to be frank...

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