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Journeyman III

Variations in brightness, RX 570, V 21.4.1


I recently bought a used RX 570 card, and am still trying to get familiar with all the features and options in the driver. But I have a problem, especially annoying while using MS FSX. Whenever I change view, or just turning, etc..., the brightness changes, getting darker and at times making the instruments harder to read. I might be zooming to look at the runway in the distance, only to have the screen darken as I zoom back to see the interior of the cockpit. I tried to find an "auto" setting that could cause that, but can't find it. So is there a way to prevent that from happening, and have the brightness remain constant? I never had that issue with my old Nvidia card, meaning that the monitor is not likely to be the cause, especially since there's no feature to automatically vary the brightness. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much,


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