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Adept III

UT3, Windows 10 1903, drop FPS

On same PC i have two OS Win7x64 and Win10x64. Under Win7 UT3 working perfect and smooth with V-Sync ON i have constant 60fps, but under Win10 with V-Sync ON i have huge drop fps in different places on different maps to 30-40fps. How resolve drop fps problem in Windows 10? Please help.


I have this issue :


I am update Windows 10 from 1903 to 1910 and my problem is gone, fps not drop now in UT3)

Two Windows have same driver - 19.10.1

DVR mode is turn off in Win10

Win10 fresh and updated, no third-party software in background

-Monitor 60hz(NOT freesync)

-Xeon E3 1240

-rx570(19.10.1) 4gb

-16gb ram ddr3

-650w PSU

+50 power limit setting used in driver