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Journeyman III

USB problems with Adrenalin Driver

I bought new Radeon 5700 XT and I started to have problems with my USB keyboard. It turns off and on for about a second at random times. I must say that I checked the keyboard on another PC and I even bought new PSU Corsair RMx 650W Gold Plus.

I noticed that when I use Adrenaline Overlay (Alt + Z) keyboard is working without any problems. But when I shut down Overlay keyboard is switching off and on - especially in games keyboard is going crazy.

I also noticed that when I turn on Adrenalin FPS counter in game the keyboard is working fine. I tried the same "trick" in Windows using Adrenalin GPU Usage overlay and the keyboard is shuting down less than before. So there must be some issue with Adrenalin driver and USB. Am I right?

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