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Updating drivers to 15.5 and down = everything blurry, hard to read text, more jagged lines etc.

Everytime I update to any driver, beta(15.5) or not(14.2 omega), it always causes everything to be blurry, hard to see images/text, and there seems to be more jagged lines, (i dont know if this is called aliasing or not) but it becomes very apparent that everything just looks worse. Only way to put it back to normal is going to the restore point I created. been happening ever since i tried installing 15.4 (beta) GTA V drivers update.

I already tried DDU (display driver uninstaller) when I updated to 15.4 (gta v), havent tried uninstalling the drivers before installing 15.5 (witcher 3) yet though. I also tried uninstalling the Intel HD graphics drivers, didnt do anything. It doesnt happen in Safe mode, which tells me its some kind of incompatibility with some other program or some service or something. I uninstalled f.lux, and I noticed that the driver i have right now 13.251, does not have that ACP application service of some sort (I dont see it in services.msc)

In the DDU logs, it seems like I have two display driver packages, both from advancedmicrodevices,inc.

one called oem2.inf and one called oem8.inf. No Idea if this makes any difference, but according to DDU its using oem2.inf






before restoring back to 13.251:


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