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Journeyman III

Updated graphics driver no display to monitor

i updated my graphics driver, it tells me to restart my pc, since then it wont send any video to my monitor and as far as i can tell isn't booting at all.

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1) I would try to turn off monitor and restart it

2) Which GPU/iGPU/APU do you have? where did you download driver from?

3) What kind of setup do you have? If you have multiple monitors, try removing others and just use one for testing.

4) Are you sure you installed the correct driver?

5) Any change your CPU or memory could be clocked too hard?

6) Have you had any issues before?


I have a 5500XT gpu, im 99% sure i installed the correct driver, have not had similar issues before. Downloaded warzone 2 and it said my driver was outdated, redirected me to amd's website and i installed the most recent one for my gpu.


You offer very limited information, but one option is you are using Win11 and it has updated your drivers to a different version which causes issues. There are fixes for this issue, for instance a registry fix.


i am on win10, the pc only gets the point of turning on the psu but does not make it to bios or anything else.


I assume your motherboard does not have debug codes, LED's or such.

Unplug the computer from wall socket. Short the Clear CMOS pins OR push Clear CMOS button if you have one or remove CMOS battery from motherboard and put it back. Try again. Wait for a while as rebooting after something like this can take a while.

You might consider booting with XMP/DOCP disabled to solve the issue if it helps (likely not in this case), you could try safe booting, removing drivers with DDU and then reinstalling either latest or some older drivers.

In my case, if PC doesn't boot, it was always a case of memory being overclocked too far.

You need to post your Motherboard's Make & Model to determine if you have any Trouble LEDs or Digital codes to look at, If not then you will need to purchase or install a PC SPEAKER to be able to hear the BEEP Sequence when you turn on power. That will tell you in what general area to start troubleshooting.

I would disconnect everything from your Motherboard except your CPU and PSU unit once you either have a PC SPEAKER installed or you tell us the Make & Model of your Motherboard.