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Journeyman III

Updated Drivers Now PC Not Detecting TV Monitor

I just updated my Radeon R9 360 drivers as I was prompted to do so by a videogame. I downloaded the .exe, updated my drivers. After first reboot my PC started up on my Lenovo monitor as opposed to my LG monitor.

Now I am unable to select multiple displays. My TV is no longer getting anything from the HDMI cable.

Yes. I did the whole restart with one unplugged, then the other etc.

Anyone see this before and can give me advice? I tried rolling back drivers but that did nothing.

I looked around the preferences and options in the AMD control panel that came with the update but it still didn't give me any option or recognition of my TV as a monitor.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The PC monitor is old and so small. Need TV for work and quality of life. Thank you.

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