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Journeyman III

Updated BIOS on MSI x399. Now cannot boot to RAID 0 on NVME m.2

Threadripper 2950x + RTX 2080 on MSI x399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC

Updated OS to Windows 11, Updated Chipset. All was working fine. Had single issue with a game that would crash PC. Updated BIOS (without knowing dangers) No longer can boot from stripe RAIDed NVMe's. Did not build this system and guy who did doesn't remember much about it. Have spent over a week trying different BIOS settings. Could it be a controller issue? Have updated drivers to latest Samsung NVMe for my 960 and two 970's. Have set up second OS on new SSD to gain access. Drives show up individually, but not as singe raided drive. Storage controllers are Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller x 2 and then the 3 Samsung controllers. Should I remove the Microsoft controllers.

Have had two techs attempt to recover the data, but what it gets is a complete jumbled mess and is unusable.

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