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Journeyman III

Updated AMD Software now HD Audio Bus won't start

Started my Desktop one day to find a message indicating my audio drivers wasn't working properly.  Updated it, but still got the message, if I tried opening my AMD Catalyst software I got the same message.  So seemed like the software itself was the problem.  Checked for latest version of software on AMD site for my Hardware (AMD Radeon R9 270), and it said to install Adrenalin, so I did.

However, now that I did that now I have no sound from my PC.  Looking in Device Manager it looks like my HD Audio Bus won't start, updated drivers, still doesn't work.  Claims Windows can't start it because the configuration info in the registry is incomplete or damaged?

Seems I exchanged a mildly annoying popup warning about a graphics driver for my audio not working.  How do I fix???

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Journeyman III

Ok I think I might have fixed it.  Whether I did it the "right" way or not I don't know, and don't particularly care.

So just in case anyone else runs across this, here's what I did.

Noticed in Services my Window Audio wasn't running despite being set to Automatic, started it, it started fine.  Rebooted, and verified it started on it's own this time.  Audio still isn't working. 

In Device Manager, uninstalled both instances of the High Definition Audio Bus, under the assumption that I'd SHUTDOWN (not restart) and then start the PC and it would auto detect them and reset them up.  In reality, by the time I was done uninstalling the second one, Windows had already reinstalled the first one and it didn't have the yellow triangle indicating a problem anymore.  

I shutdown and restarted anyway, and when it came back up, everything was working, audio is back, both HD Audio Buses appear to be working correctly, and Windows Audio restarted and stayed running on it's own.

Which of those steps was the "magic" one, I'm not sure.

After installing the latest AMD Graphics Driver Adrenalin 2020 Edition I had no sound from my PC.

I tried different drivers from AMD and Mainboard Manufacturer, nothing helps.

But uninstalling both instances of the High Definition Audio Bus in the Device Manager and Shutdown helps.

There was no problem after Windows restart.

Thank you for this helpful hint!

Thanks a lot for the solution provided. 


After I downloaded the AMD Software I had the same sound problem as well.


After I lost 1 hour searching I found your comment and saved my day!