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Journeyman III

Unreliable Instant Replay

Hello. Ever since I got my AMD graphics card I used the instant replay function quite often. But for the past few weeks it just does not work anymore. See, when I hit the button to save the replay, instead of recording the last 20 minutes which i set, it will record 20 minutes of gameplay that was hours or even days before i hit the button. I have missed out on a lot of cool clips on various games because of this bug. And, if i hit the button again nothing happens. It says it is saving but its been hours and it still has not saved. Yes I have updated to the latest driver release. Can anyone help me?

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Journeyman III

Re: Unreliable Instant Replay

I have the exact same issue as you've described it. I've also read other people have this issue. When experiencing it, it isn't *only* Instant Replay that refuses to work. Manually triggered recordings won't save either. They end up as 1kb corrupted files every time regardless of how long I let it record.

In my case, toggling "Record Desktop on/off" seems to fix it. But I can't tell what causes the bug, and short of checking my replay folder to see none of my funny moments have saved, I can't tell when it's happening... so now I'm checking whether or not the software is actually working throughout the day out of paranoia :/

It's been happening for months now and the lack of attention or a fix is making me want to switch to something that actually works consistently. It's persisted  through multiple driver updates and windows updates. -_-