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Adept I

uninstall driver not working

I had to uninstall the driver AMDGPU 20.10 after a crash.
Having donne that according to the AMD guideline and reinstalling the driver again I got the message thet the driver is still installen.
Currently I'm running Blender 2.9 which des not find the driver:

Any solution to this around.

Many thanks

2 Replies

Make & Model of your GPU card and computer information including OS version?

EDIT: sounds like the AMD GPUPRO wasn't completely uninstalled from your computer. Most likely there are some leftover Registry entries that is showing it still installed.

Try running this MS Troubleshooter for installing and uninstalling software and see if it helps any. I have attached it to this reply for you to download and run.

Also see if DDU without internet connection will completely uninstall the GPUPRO driver and related software,

Adept I

As being a bit mor than just liitle frustrated, totally forgot to mention the OS.

I'm running Linux Mint 19.3.

Never the less, I'm running it also on Win10. Therefore your link migh be of helpanyway.

Many thanks for your support