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Journeyman III

Unified GPU usage monitoring not working in MSI AB

This started to happen with some beta drivers that launched around October or something, since than its still not fixed.

If i install some older drivers it works just fine.

If i untick "enable unified...." it does show % usage but its very inaccurate, with it enabled it just shows 0% usage in all games

ps: If i untick that option the gpu usage does work but its very innacurate...If i enable it shows 0% usage in all gamesunified.png

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Journeyman III

I just resolved it right now. Just update your windows 10. press the button search updates (i think that's the translation of Buscar actualizaciones 'cause i have win in spanish) and update to the 1809. 

The problem is that D3D Usage is not shown in the version that you are and that bug is fixed in 1809.

I realized this using the HWinfo64. Now i have the D3DUsage in hwinfo and the MSI Afterburner working