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Adept I

unable to update chipset

Hello ,

I can't update the chipset drivers , i have an error message " unable to install amd chipset drivers the system configuration is not compatible with the installation of RAID drivers or applications"

I have Windows 11 professional it is up to date

AMD Ryzen 7 5700 G

MSI B550M A pro

Ge force rtx 3060

I can't uninstall the old chipset driver with windows , i get the message " No installable drivers were found ".

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Here is where you can download the Chip set drivers for your B550 Motherboard:

Screenshot 2023-01-18 214124.png

By any chance do you have RAID on your PC?

Try using MS Install/Uninstall Utility to remove all Non-Graphics AMD Drivers. If you PC does have RAID installed and enabled make sure not to delete any RAID drivers.

NOTE: I believe you should be able to update your AMD Chip set drivers even if you have RAID installed since the Chip set drivers doesn't have anything to do with RAID drivers.

You can download the MS Utility tool from here: Microsoft Install/Uninstall Tool 

Adept I

It does'nt work with Microsoft tool

Do you have RAID installed?

Adept I

I do not think so.


open Device Manager and see if you have any errors showing.

Also in Device Manager check the following category to make sure it is similar to what I have in mine:

Screenshot 2023-01-18 214124.png

Also try doing a CMOS CLEAR on your motherboard to reset BIOS back to its default settings. Maybe it is a BIOS setting causing the error.

This previous Reddit thread with the same type of error fixed his problem by disabling Windows Defender (Temporarily):

This Tom's Hardware Forum thread in 2021 the User needed to CMOS CLEAR and install Windows again to fix the error:

NOTE: this is the first time I see this type of error while trying to install AMD Chip Set package.



Thanks for the update. Okay you don't have RAID driver installed.

I suggest you open a AMD SUPPORT ticket and ask them for their opinion from here:

unless of the link's fixed your issue.

Run the following command line in a elevated Command Prompt or Powershell: SFC /scannow

This will check your Windows OS for corruption or missing files.

NOTE: Sorry I replied under the wrong person (myself) instead under your reply.


Adept I

gestionnnaire.jpgI disabled Windows defender but no change