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Journeyman III

Unable to uninstall Ryzen Master Windows 10

I inadvertently installed Ryzen Master on a system that isn't running a Ryzen CPU and am unable to uninstall it. When I launch the uninstaller either through Control Panel>Programs and Features or Settings>Apps, I get the uninstaller screen but when I click on Uninstall, nothing happens and the uninstaller screen just closes. I have tried downloading RM again and installing over but it just goes to the uninstaller screen and again, nothing happens when I click on Uninstall. Any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated.

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Search in local disk, delete anything related to ryzenmaster.

Hope you didn't download from 3rd party site, you know virus ?



Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, Aorus gen4 1tb, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro..
Journeyman III

It's possible that the location of the folder was deleted or moved. However, if it won't uninstall, just deleting folders and files won't stop it from trying to load at startup. You'll have to search the registry for "RyzenMaster". There's likely only 1-2 entries. Just delete what it finds. You can make a backup of the registry beforehand.

This is very useful if say you use the same Windows install on say an Intel motherboard or some other motherboard/CPU that Ryzen Master doesn't support yet.

Of course, the best method is to do a fresh install to remove all old instances of old software installs. Just takes time to backup your data and reinstall everything. Although, if you are having issues, and don't plan to change motherboards again for awhile, then it'll be worth it.