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Adept II

Unable to select 75hz for Asus VG245H monitor

Hi, the specs for this monitor says it's capable of 75hz at its native res of 1920x1080. Here's a screenshot of the timing list from the manual:

vg245h timing list.jpg

And from Radeon settings showing it's capable of 75hz:

Screenshot 2016-11-20 12.20.00.png

I am unable to select the 75hz option from the display adapter properties in Windows 10 Home x64. I checked Asus's website and this monitor doesn't have drivers for it. Freesync is enabled on the monitor and in AMD software. This monitor only has HDMI and VGA inputs and it's connected to an XFX RX 480 4gb via HDMI. Could this be a driver issue on AMD's side? Has anybody had this problem?