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Unable to run Freeysync


I just bought a new monitor freesync compatible but I can't get it to work correctly.

When i activate the freesync in my monitor, it sends me back to the desktop and I can no longer open a window app (steam, edge, etc) on windows, i can only the mouse. And when I screenshot this before disabling freesync, the screenshot shows that the window that i let open (edge) was displayed while the monitor displayed the desktop for me.

I connected the monitor with displayport.

Also i have a tv connected in hdmi to my pc and i use it as duplicate mode to play some games in my tv but i only use 1 at a time.

- Acer 31.5" 165hz ED320QRPbiipx on displayport

- Sony 55nx810 on hdmi

- R9 380 4go

- AMD 20.12.1 drivers

- Asus z97-k

- i7 4790

- 16go ddr3


Thank you for your help.

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Make sure you have your new Monitor as the Main display option in Windows 10 Settings - Display.

Also have the TV set configured as Extended mode rather than Duplicate. I have a similar setup where I have my Main Monitor connected via DP and my TV set via HDMI.

When I use Duplicate it automatically goes to my TV Set's lower Resolution whereas when I use Extend it shows my Main Monitor Resolution.

Try disconnecting the TV set and see if Free sync starts to work. If it does then you need to reconfigure in Windows Settings - Display to have both Monitor and TV set separate.


Thanks for your answer.

Yes when I unplug the tv, the freesync works.

How can i configure the display to have the monitor and tv set separate?


This is how I have my setup in Windows 10 Settings - Display:

Screenshot 2020-12-18 082618.png


I have the same settings as you but the only difference its that's my 2 display have the same size when your display 1 looks bigger to the 2?



Which Windows 10 version do you have installed. I have the latest Windows 10 installed.

Is Freesync still working with both Monitor and TV connected now but as your Monitor as the Main Display device?


I have Windows 10 Pro - 1909 version - 18363.1256


No, as soon i connect the tv, i have the desktop display "bug" again even if I put my Acer monitor as main display device

The only way is too unplug the hdmi tv cable to my GPU and then the freesync work without problems

I suggest you open a AMD Service Request and let them know even though this seems to be a Windows issue more than a AMD Driver issue.

You can open one from here:

Maybe AMD SUPPORT can suggest a way of connecting both the Monitor and TV set and still have FreeSync work on the Monitor.

Good luck and take care.

At least you now know that FreeSync works with your new Monitor.

NOTE: You don't have the latest version which is version 2004 and then update to the October release version. I doubt if that would help any but it is best to update to the latest version of Windows anyways.

But I know that Windows won't install on some computers having issues with the latest version so if yours is one of them that could be the reason why.