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Unable to Remove StoreMI

I've recently decided to not use StoreMI but I have trouble in removing it.

I was using bootable StoreMI combining a 256GB SDD with 1TB HDD without cache, dividing it into 3 partition.

After deciding to remove it, I've removed 2 non-main partition and added all free spaces to main partition

To remove I have:

Opened StoreMI Application

Clicked Remove Store MI


Clicked Yes


Clicked Yes


Clicked OK


Stuck on this window for 10 hours.

Even tried to format the windows but couldn't as the driver doesn't appear on windows installation.

Currently using Ryzen 2700x and X470 Prime Pro as mainboard.

And yes, I've rebooted a lot of times including after reinstalling StoreMI

Would really appreciate any way to remove StoreMI and I don't mind having my data on disk completely erased.

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Re: Unable to Remove StoreMI

Here is from AMD Support FAQ about StoreMI: .

According to this link you need to use "Remove Acceleration" Function per image of FAQ:

Here is the AMD Support USER GUIDE TO STOREMI:

EDITED: Read User guide found this part:

Remove StoreMI tiered drive The StoreMI utility may be used to remove all acceleration using the “Remove StoreMI” option and return the system to utilize just the single HDD (or slow tier device) as a single disk drive. This will free up any existing SSD to be used for other purposes and also support replacing the SSD with a different one if necessary. This action will also remove the RAM cache. Note: this does not uninstall the software. It simply detaches the fast tier so a new fast tier device may be attached. When the “Remove StoreMI Drive” operation is selected, all data on the StoreMI tiered drive is moved to the slower media. The StoreMI configuration utility will attempt the shrink the latst partition on the StoreMI Drive. If the shrink operation is not successful, user interaction may be needed to migrate data to a different drive in the system. 2GB of Meta data for the StoreMI Drive is also retained during this operation. If manually shrinking or moving partitions before running “Remove StoreMI Drive”, please shrink partitions and move partitions so that the fast media capacity plus 2GB is unallocated. When the manual shrink is completed, Windows Disk Management Tool will show the right section of the StoreMI Drive as “unallocated “. The Remove operation works for configurations where there are multiple partitions on a StoreMI Drive. When the capacity of the fast media plus 2GB is free the “Remove StoreMI Drive” operation will proceed smoothly.

IMPORTANT: The system will reboot, so save any important work. Also, any carve out SSD drive created using excess capacity over the license limit will be deleted whenever a StoreMI tiered drive is removed. For this reason, ensure that any important data stored on the temporary drive is backed up before performing the above operation.