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Adept I

Unable to install latest chipset driver or older one.

Anytime I try to install the chipset drivers it will not create the binaries folder. When I tried to even uninstall the chipset package it says the dependency files are missing. I have turned off my antivirus and that did not make any difference. X570 chipset and Windows 11. Is anybody else having this issue?

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First I would use a Group Policy Editor (Windows Pro) or a Registry Editor (Windows Home) to block Microsoft from downloading AMD drivers.

Second I would Command Prompt as administrator sfc /scannow to check your OS file integrity. This will also repair missing or corrupted OS files and if you have malware or a rootkit this will sometimes detect those.

If your running a prebuilt or off the shelf PC you need to contact the manufacturer and create a support ticket.

You may want to create a support ticket with Microsoft as well just to check if this is a Windows 11 issue. 

What brand motherboard are you running? 

How long has this been happening?

Having detail hardware and OS information will help to narrow down this issue more quickly.


Just started today. Custom built PC. All computers in the house have the X570 tuf board and only this computer has the issue. I may have it fixed. I noticed I could not even uninstall the Chipset app cause it said files were missing. I Copied the AMD folder from my other system to this one then installed it and restarted. Now I can uninstall it or install it without any errors even if I remove the AMD folder. Possible registry glitch I guess. 

Yep I've run into similar issues copying drivers and transferring to a different build before.

Had 2 times in the past where a HDD was doing the click click click of death and my internet was down during those times so I transferred via external backup.

Its not uncommon to get lost or corrupt files when dealing with transferring drivers specifically.

I think it has something to do with hardware and software ID signatures and anti piracy protection built into the OS MOBO BIOS and sometimes the specific hardware BIOS.

I have software at my disposal from previous IT field work that helps reduce the risk of data loss or corruption but since windows 10 came out the results are less predictable.