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Journeyman III

Unable to get OpenGL on R7 M360

My computer is a HP Pavilion 23-q153d (specs are here). The computer has a  AMD R7 A360 soldered to the motherboard (or is it M360?). The trouble I am facing is that the AMD GPU has no OpenGL on it. On the Radeon software, it displays this -

I've tried:

  • clearing all the drivers and installing the latest one (ie clean install)
  • installing the full build instead of the minimal build
  • made sure that I'm installing for M360 instead of 360 (AMD detects my GPU as a M360

but nothing worked and OpenGL still was not able to be installed on the GPU. Is the computer itself configured this way so that there is no OpenGL on the AMD GPU? Or is it just a error? Techpowerup ( does show that the M360 supports OpenGL though.


Sorry if I missed out on anything, this is only one of my first times writing on a tech forum.

Thanks in advance for your help :D


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One sure way to verify if OpenGL is enabled on your GPU Card is by running GPU-Z.

At the bottom of the image should be 3 or 4 boxes check marked: OpenGL, OpenCL, 1 or 2 more.

If OpenGl is not check marked that probably indicates that AMD driver is not install or working correctly. If OpenGL is check marked that means that OpenGL is enabled on your GPU card and should be working.

Your Pavilion All-In-One PC is similar to a laptop. For the AMD driver to work correctly the Intel Graphics and CHIPSET must be the latest version installed.

I would run Intel's own Driver updater or use your own HP Updater program to update all the Intel drivers on your PC. Also I would install the last latest BIOS version from HP:

Once you update Intel's Graphics and CHIPSET drivers, I would install the out-dated HP AMD Driver (2015) first to see if OpenGL is enabled. 

The R7 A360 is a OEM GPU Mobile GPU card which is why AMD doesn't show any drivers of it. Not sure if R7 M360 will be compatible with your computer and HP GPU Card.

If HP AMD Drivers enables OpenGL on the A360 but not AMD M360 driver that would seem to indicate that you need to use exclusively the HP AMD Driver for your GPU card to work correctly.

If it is enabled then use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) in Safe Mode (best method) or Windows Desktop with the internet disconnected and former AMD installation folder at C:\AMD deleted.

Install the HP AMD Driver with the internet still disconnected and if it installs correctly, reconnect the internet and again delete AMD installation folder C:\AMD.

Then check again to see if OpenGL is enabled using GPU-Z.


I've run GPU-Z and it shows that OpenGL 4.6 is supported on the AMD. But when I tested the OpenGL using Minecraft it gave an error saying that OpenGL is not supported by the driver.

All my Intel drivers are up to date.

I downloaded the outdated HP AMD driver, however when I tried starting Minecraft again the same error occurred, although GPU-Z says that it supports OpenGL 4.5.


Seems like the problem is with Minecraft and AMD driver possibly not being completely compatible or is misconfigured.

If GPU-Z is showing OpenGL as being enabled then it should work with any OpenGL game. 

You can try another game and run it with OpenGl and see if it works. If it does then the problem is with Minecraft.

Which version of Minecraft are you running?

Have you tried adding Minecraft to Windows 10 Settings?  This website shows how to add Minecraft  to Windows 10:

Otherwise I suggest you open a Thread at Minecraft Forums and ask them how to configure the game to run with AMD Driver and GPU.

I am not familiar with Minecraft maybe someone else might be able to help. I know that @kingfish has helped others with this game. Maybe he can give you better suggestions.

EDIT: There are many website that give suggestions on how to fix OpenGL errors in Minecraft. I would just google it. Most involves with previous AMD drivers and Java files.