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Journeyman III

Ubuntu radeon rx 580 series driver please solve this problem

My name is Trey; I'm 11 and I have a question for you.

I'm an Ubuntu user and installed the Radeon Rx 580 series driver off the AMD website. Once installed, nothing (i.e. anything that uses my GPU) recognizes my graphics card. Additionally, the driver has bricked my computer 2 times. The driver worked perfectly on Ubuntu 18.04, but not on 20.04 through 20.04.2. 

Please solve this; I am so frustrated with AMD. Why doesn't this work anymore?

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You probably are a smart kid but I suggest you find someone who knows how to program or configure Ubuntu so that person can Post how he tried to resolve your problem.

There are many Linux commands to check and resolve issue like the one you have. You may not have enough knowledge or experience for others to help you.

Also you need that person to post your computer information as well.