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Adept III

Ubuntu 20.04.2 - 20.50 - Blender - GPU Compute - Memory access fault by GPU node-1

For me AMD turns to MAD!

With previous drivers (20.45) I was able to render with a GPU, but have had "Memory access fault by GPU node-1" when baking textures using a GPU.

With latest (20.50) drivers I can bake textures using a GPU, but Blender crashes with "Memory access fault by GPU node-1", when I render using a GPU.

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Adept II

This is just instane. I have "upgraded" from GTX 1070 to RX6800 yesterday. I was kind of used to that things just work. Now crashes, crashes, and more crashes. Blender - cycles, Substance, even games I tried just out of curiosity. Ttried opensource stack, amdgpu-pro stack, mesa-git drivers. I have also installed Radeon Pro renderer to see if it works. I was impressed at first with the performance, but than it came - crash. Dual booted to windows to check if it hw issue - no problem there.

Seems that Amd on Linux is just a bad joke. What a mess...