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Adept I

Ubuntu 18.04 kernel problems and rocm

GPUS: Fury X , Firepro w8100

So I've had 2 problems one being with amdgpu-pro that lead me to try rocm where it broke my Ubuntu by putting me in a loop where I could not get to TTY and had to reinstall Kubuntu. Problem 1 started with the kernel 4.15.0-34 update from 4.15.0-33, where 34 would loop the ubuntu startup splash or flicker loop boot sequence. I uninstalled amdgpu-pro after booting in 33 then installed kernel 4.18.11 and rocm, but that made me loop on all kernels where I had to reinstall the OS. I chose this time to go with Kubuntu where eventually i experienced the same 4.15.0-34 problem. This time however I was able to get to the TTY and do 'amdgpu-pro-uninstall'. After that I tried the same approach where I installed kernel 4.18.11 and installed rocm and this time had success, but it only recognized my Fury X and blender does not see any card. 

Question 1. Are there lists of kernels that have been tested with amdgpu-pro 18.30? Because I cannot find kernel 4.15.0-33 anywhere in the Ubuntu kernel page or so if it works with some other kernel I could actually find in the kernel pages that would be great.

Question 2. Does the Firepro w8100 work with rocm? And more importantly does blender work with rocm?

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