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Adept III

Ubisoft says Far Cry 5 will have crossfire support at launch. But will it be supported well? Can we get comment from anyone at AMD?

I want to pre-order this game. But the one time I tried to run Far Cry 4 in crossfire, the stuttering made it unenjoyable. So I'm hesitant to trust Ubisosft's press release (specifically the one announcing the system requirements).

So Matt, Ray, etc., is there any info you can give me here to assuage my fears?

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Considering the official requirements for a 4k60 setup mandate SLI or Crossfire, the answer is yes. As to if AMD and nVidia will have anything to do with it will depend on if the game is Vulkan, DirectX 12, or DirectX 11  (even though it does run on Windows 7 it can have multiple API modes), as developers are completely responsible for mGPU in Vulkan and DX12.

Oh cool, thanks. I never bothered reading the 4k60 requirements since I'm on crossfire 380x's haha. I'm probably going to skew closer to 1440@45fps or something.

That is definitely a good sign though, for sure.


The 1920x1080 60fps requirements are fairly midrange, a single 290X, of which the 380X is only about 60% as fast as...It looks to be very CPU bound which leads me to believe it will be, sadly, DirectX 11...


Yeah, that's part of the reason why I'm not holding out hope for 60fps with an overclocked i56600k and crossfire. 45 should be doable though, maybe running at a 90 or 135hz to cut down on input lag.

Though with Far Cry 4, they only animated player position in the game world at 30hz or 60hz, so in-between stuff like 45 had a noticeable judder. Hopefully they've tweaked the Dunia engine since.

Adept I

Based on my experience the answer is no it's not supported.

Crossfire wasn't working right so I used DDU to remove all the old drivers and did a clean install, and now strangely there's no Farcry5 profile:

A profile for the editor isn't exactly useful Pressed scan multiple times.