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Journeyman III

Tuning option on Sapphire 7870 ghz not working correctly/Maybe driver problem?

Hello, i recently got Sapphire 7870 ghz edition and wanted to know which drivers should I actually need for the gpu to work to its maximum . I currently have a problem in the Tuning options of the gpu. The defualt in app clock speed is 300 and vram 150 (and i think those are actually really low compared to the actual default ones that are 1050 and 1250) but in the sliders that are down (in picture) are 1050 and 1250. when i try to change them (high or lowering) they both go to the same spots 1050 and 1250. but still in the app it says its 300 and 150. i only can change the power option and fan speed.The same thing happens in MSI afterburner (will be shown in picture). Is it because of my cpu that is bottlenecking the gpu (dual core e8500) or because of my power supplier (400W) also i connected my gpu with 4 molex by 2 addapters from the power supply cables. In cs go it was running in the preffered clock speed and vram and i would say pretty good 100 fps with a little drop but in some other games like League of Legends or CrossFire West it wasnt running on preffered clock speed and vram.


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