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Journeyman III

Trying to update drivers, (AMD Radeon HD 8650G and 8600/8700M)

I have been trying to update my drivers to allow me to play more graphics intensive games, I realised that this may not have been a good idea but I have done it now. I have tried most of the methods I can find on the website and now I don’t know if this was how it was before but the 8650G driver exists in device manager and was redownloaded yet both the AMD installer and Device Manager say no drivers installed for this device or ask for the driver to be downloaded. This has caused much slower graphics in old games that worked well before and I would like to find out how to either download better drivers or at least get it so that the device manager agrees that a driver is installed.


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Without know any information at all about the exact Make & Model of your laptop except that you most probably have a:

1- A10-5750M with HD8650G AMD APU Processor

2-86xxM or 87xxM Discrete GPU card

The A10-5750M with HD8650G Integrated Graphics is not supported by AMD with Driver updates. You only have a choice of two last AMD drivers for your APU which will install both the HD8650G and 86xxM/87xxM Graphics driver:

1- WHQL 2015

2-BETA 2016

Unfortunately, your laptop has two GPUs. The Integrated Graphics (HD8650G) is not supported by AMD with driver updates but the 86xxM/87xxM are both still supported by AMD with the latest AMD drivers.

You need to verify which discrete GPU you have installed. Try running GPU-Z and see if it shows the exact Discrete GPU card you have installed or go to the laptop's Support to find out what is installed in your laptop.

But the latest AMD Drivers that are compatible with your discrete GPU is INCOMPATIBLE with your Integrated Graphics HD8650G.

There might be a workaround method to install both different AMD drivers but you would need to search for it at AMD Forums.


unable to edit my previous reply:

But the best advice is to Re-install the laptop Manufacturer's Support AMD driver which is 100% compatible with your laptop features.


In hindsight I should have stated my make and model, a HP Envy 15 Notebook. I assume to find the manufacturer’s support AMD driver I should just explore the HP website and find it there.

Edit: I also thought I should add that in device manager the 8650G driver says “no drivers installed for this device”.