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Trying To Get My 4770 To Work on Windows 10

After much searching I found a youtube video that shows how to do it and references a thread in this forum, but it appears the thread has been locked.

I was successful in installing the Catalyst 13.1 driver and I got it to show up in windows but not in my Task Manager.
I also, the option to set a program to run under specifically using my 4770 doesn't exist.




In hopes to save the planet from more garbage, as well as saving money because those new GTX cards are like almost unobtainable at this point due to the chip shortage and scalpers, I would like to somehow make use of this card.

If anyone has successfully done this, please let me know. It's concerning that AMD would close a thread like that when their legacy product is still being used. Reminds me of Apple and their battle against "right to repair".

What's worse is I find this thread about intel releasing new drivers that support old legacy AMD gpus...

That's sad man...I have an AMD cpu/chipset....=(

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I would imagine that the 4770 is so out of date that Win10 ignores it. A better idea is to disable the integrated graphics/make the Nvidia card the 'Primary' in the bios. Make sure you have the latest bios. The Nvidia card will run everything....which I'm pretty sure it's doing right now, especially if you have a monitor.

Both the cards mentioned in this post are dedicated GPUs (AMD 4770 and GTX 960, each plugged into separate monitors).

I have the latest bios installed, but you're right windows is displaying that my GTX 960 is doing all the work right now even though my other monitor is plugged in through my 4770 port. I wish AMD would update their drivers so that people could at least use their legacy cards in Win10, instead of having Win10 default drivers which are completely useless and don't offer scaling, or other features.


Have you tried both the beta and the stable catalyst driver for windows 8 (64-bit) yet: . The beta driver might have a newer driver model implementation that fixes you issue. Running DDU before trying to install it again is not a bad idea either: . What are you planning on doing with the gpu anyways? You might be able to switch your amd gpu as the default in the nvidia control panel or something.
Good luck