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Journeyman III

Trouble with scaling thats messing with my mouse and its blurry

my res is right but it takes longer to move in any direction and doing old mouse fixes I can deduce its not a mouse driver but something surrounding the gpu I'm guessing. it does this with a old Insigna TV (NS _19E310A12 Rev A) my main monitor/tv and a ultra wide screen monitor (I don't know the brand) at first it was now matter what resolution it is it would always be 800x600 blown up to scale to the set res. but now its 1360x768 the right resolution kinda because that's were the where scaling issue happens. I use a AMD RX 480 but tested a Nvidia gpu and it does the same weird stretch its now doing. It looks scaled in closer than it should be but I'm not sure at this point because it seems to change whenever it wants. I've done Windows defender full day long scans along with Malwarebytes ones nothing I've used SFC/scannow, chkdsk r/f, unplugged the HDMI from the tv and pc waited plugged it in the pc 1st and vice versa, another HDMI same problem, went into AMD Radeon Software there's no HDMI scaling ive tried gpu scaling, virtual res did all options nothing, windows update nothing, opt drivers nothing rollback nothing updating AMD software nope the TVs scaling option is off. I can't really use my pc for Fps atm because to turn left I half to move my mouse all the way to left/right/up/down of my mouse pad instead of a little to the middle. my mouse drivers are fine and the mouse settings are the same they've always been. ive down the turn everything off and restart thing nothing. ive tried ignoring it but its affects everything from gaming to just using the pc. If I change the res to 1366x768 it swaps to 1440x900


i legit have nc what's happening have a feeling it's like this

but still am lost on this, any help on how to fix this is appreciated deeply this has been around 5 months strong and sorry for the word vomit wanted to get out as much info I could

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