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Journeyman III

Triple monitor issue after update to Radeon 18-12-2

Hi All,

I have been running triple monitors with eyefinity faultlessly with radeon 18-9-3, the configuration is as follows:

monitor 1 using HDMI to display port adaptor.
monitor 2 uses HDMI.

monitor 3 uses HDMI.

However since the 18-12-2 update i downloaded today every time a game is launched monitor 1 goes to sleep, the only way to wake it back up is by de-activating eyefinity.

I spent all day fiddling around trying to resolve this issue, even rolling back the GPU drivers etc but i have narrowed it down to the radeon update, i tried reinstalling the previous version but the installer connects to the web and just redownloads 18-12-2 again... i even doubted the active hdmi to display port adaptor.

However with a windows system restore to 3 days ago and back to the previous 18-9-3 radeon all 3 monitors are fully functioning again , therefore something specific to the 18-12-2 update is to blame for this issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Journeyman III

No one? i have refrained from any further updates until i know this has been resolved?