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Journeyman III

Toggling Eyefinity with keyboard shortcut

The Radeon software certainly changed a lot over the past few years.
I saw my exact question on the forums but it's 4 years old and the solution no longer applies.

Considering that there were 2 whole new UIs since I've started using Eyefinity, and now you've added a whole bunch side-panels and overlays and new keyboard shortcuts for all these new features that were added, can we please have a way to quickly enable or disable Eyefinity that can be done with 1 or 2 clicks max?

And a return of the "advanced setup" for Eyefinity would also be very appreciated, the one that was available in CCC with bezel correction options and that allows for setting custom Eyefinity resolutions. I don't wanna go through my hard drive and look in folders to find to find this control panel, please for the love of god make it accessible from Radeon software again.

There is also a lack of user display profiles. I see no option to save my Eyefinity as a configuration that can saved and loaded later.

Here's my proposal:

Option 1 - A simple keyboard shortcut that executes the "quick setup" for Eyefinity, and discards the Eyefinity setup on subsequent click. (At least tell me there is a way I can script this if you don't want to commit any development time)

Option 2 - A keyboard shortcut to display a side-panel overlay or a drop down menu that allows you to pick between your saved display profiles.

I've been using Eyefinity for the last 7-8 years and it's disappointing to see good and useful options being removed and hidden away, instead of patching it with a nice one like adding a keyboard shortcut.

Edit: I actually went through the files and failed to spot the old Catalyst era control panel, but I did find a tool called "EyefinityPro.exe". Doesn't really have all the options that the older CCC had, but still a sleek UI and some useful information like monitors also being identified with the model.

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Journeyman III

Re: Toggling Eyefinity with keyboard shortcut

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