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Adept I

Titan Quest: Ragnarök forces Blackscreen with RX Vega 64


The ASUS RX Vega 64 is my fourth RX Vega card with in a half year. The first 3 came from Powercolor. If it possible that all RX Vega cards with Hardware revision C1 has stability issues?

The first had an damaged fan bearing.

The second wouldn't post up. The motherboard shows Q-Code 62.

The third had graphics errors.

Every time I try to play Titan Quest V1.57 with my ASUS RX Vega 64 I got a black screen. The Windows reliability monitoring shows me a

Live Kernel Event 117. I used Win Debug to read out the dump file.

It shows that atikmpag.sys crashes.

The Radeon software version used has no effect on the stability. Titan Quest crashes is present from Radeon Software 17.10.1-Oct6 to Radeon Software 18.8.2.

Additional I have problems with the Radeon Performance Overlay (STRG+Shift+O). If the Radeon Performance Overlay is open and I press ALT+TAB I got a corrupt desktop Colors if I ran Windows 7 in Basic or Classic design. The application that cause that problem is Diablo III x64 client. The RX Vega 64 draws around 60 Watt.  If Aero is enabled alt+tab works normal with the RX Vega 64.

I don't thing that is a problem with the power supply. If Titan Quest is running the RX Vega Card draws a round 30 watt and the fan is turned of.

Steps I have tried to correct that issues.

Uninstall all Radeon software and Chipset drivers with AMD Cleaner utility and DDU in Windows Save mode. Install the last Radeon software and AMD Chipset drivers.

Reset the Radeon Software to defaults.

Lowering the power limit in WattMann to -50%.

I also tested the GPU in my older System with a Clean Windows 7 x64 installation. The same errors happens.

Old system:


8GB Kingson DDR3 RAM

AMD Phenom II X4 965

If I install my old HIS Radeon HD 7770 1GB I have no stability issues. Titan Quest and the Radeon Performance Overlay are running fine with Aero or Basic design.

New System:

ASUS Croshair Hearo VI (Bios 6201)

AMD Ryzen 1800X (Core Performance Boost disabled)

2x 16GB G Skill TridentZ F4-3200C14-16GTZ @3066 MHz (lowering the Clock speed to 2133MHz brings not a better stability)

ASUS RX Vega 64

Be Quite Drak Power Pro 10 550W


Samsung M2 SSD 960 PRO 512GB

Startech USB 2.0 Controller Card 4 Port

Windows 7 x64


HW Info from RX Vega 64


Radeon Performance Überwachung Overlay offen (Diablo III x64) (1920x1200) danach alt tab zu Desktop.JPG

Desktop Korrekt dargestellt.png

Update 30.10.2018

After I had more issues with my Vega Card I RMAd it and got back money. One aditional issue was graphic glitches in Diablo III. After this I checked out that Vega only reports 8176MB of V-RAM. This card shoud have 8192 MB of V-.RAM.

Now I have installed an RX480 Nitro+ OC from Sapphire Tech. It works stable in OC Bios. If I ran Titan Quest I got a "GPU Core Power Peak from 256,92W!

Can it be that AMD Powertune fails if Titan Quest is running and Graphic Cards can consupt much more power when specified? In most other apps I got a GPU Core Power Peak around 180W.

Attachments New 30.10.2018:

RX 480 Peak Core Power 256.92W .png

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Adept I

Re: Titan Quest: Ragnarök forces Blackscreen with RX Vega 64

Update 03.06.2019

Now I own a Radeon VII from XFX.

The first one is unfortunately overheated permanently. It reached a hotspot temperature of 118 °C with a standard GPU voltage of 1.143V. The card was exchanged by the dealer.

After I started Titan Quest V1.57 I got a black screen again after half an hour. Partially it occurs even after a few minutes. Both Radeon VII graphics cards worked the same way. Windows indicates that the display driver has crashed. After the crash of the display driver, you have to quit Titan Quest in Task Manager.

All other games I played the second Radeon VII is running without a crash.

I would say this time the Radeon VII is not the cause of the crash. I have therefore renounced a second RMA.

Why does AMD find no software solution to avoid the crash.

I can use Titan Quest to crash any Vega-based graphics card.
WD-20190604-0004.dmp for debugging
System Configuration:

Motherboard: ASUS Croshair Hearo VI (Bios 6201)

CPU:  AMD Ryzen 1800X (Core Performance Boost disabled)

RAM: 2x 16GB G Skill TridentZ F4-3200C14-16GTZ @3066 MHz (lowering the Clock speed to 2133MHz brings not a better stability)

Graphics Card: XFX Radeon VII

Power supply: Be Quite Drak Power Pro 10 550W,   For a test, I have Installed an Corsair HX850 power supply. But it can´t fix the Titan Quest crash.

HDD: Samsung M2 SSD 960 PRO 512GB


USB Controller: Startech USB 2.0 Controller Card 4 Port

Card Reader: Akasa USB 3.0 Card Reader (AK-ICR-26)

Optical Drives: Liteon iHDS 118 DVD Rom

                        ASUS DRW-24D5MT DVD burner

Oparating System: Windows 7 x64


Re: Titan Quest: Ragnarök forces Blackscreen with RX Vega 64

So just to summarize you've had this crashing issue with both vega 64 and radeon vii as well as rx480?

I would uninstall any software having to do with powertune or enduro, they're just not needed on your hardware.

The only issue I see here is the 550w power supply, but you've tested an 850 and still got the crash?

If you still had the Asus Vega 64 card I would have reccomend turning on the HBCC segment and applying a somewhat generous well as replacing the thermal pads and repasting the gpu die because they did a pretty awful job on that card ( I know, I have one andnits a c1 stepping and did all this to get the thermals under control ). ..just noting that the stepping may not be the best metric and more could be gleaned from the hardware revision actually stamped on the card.

My Vega 64 didn't have the same vrm coverage issues that some cards did as seen on YouTube. The thermal pads still left something to be desired however...not enough pressure.

Adept I

Re: Titan Quest: Ragnarök forces Blackscreen with RX Vega 64

If I install my RX480 Titan Quest works without a crash.

Only Vega based graphic cards crash. With the 850w power supply the crash also occurs. Then I decided to return the 850w power supply within 14 days.

In the Steam user forum, users complain about random loading screens under Windows 10. All these users have installed a Radeon Vega card in the PC.

Anno 1800, SpellForce 3, and Diablo III is working great with my Radeon VII. Prime95 and Furmark also run together without crashes over many hours.

Currently Radeon Software 19.5.2 is installed.


Re: Titan Quest: Ragnarök forces Blackscreen with RX Vega 64

Since the crash is seeming to only occur with this particular title, then you should also report your finding with the game developer.

Although / even though the rx 480 not crashing indicates its driver related, it would still be beneficial to do so for both parties. 

Adept I

Re: Titan Quest: Ragnarök forces Blackscreen with RX Vega 64

I found an solution.

I have again downloaded the installation files for Titan Quest from GOG. Now in version V2.6. After reinstalling the program version from ( it now seems to run well with the Radeon VII. I currently use the Direct x9 client.

If I use the client Direct X 11 I have massive tearing.