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Adept I

Tired of several annoying details

A bunch of versions installed-uninstalled...always something refusing to work properly, in and out of games. This time, for few months now, i keep choosing "hide game stats" and i keep seeing it after every relaunch of the radeon panel... i keep choosing MANUAL check for update, it always autochecks ignoring me royally..... and the cherry on top, where video recording works whenever it wants, no matter the version.. no matter if i re-installed using clean installation or DDU... no matter if i have the Xbox game bar on or off.... it will work one-two times and after the next reboot... that's it... no more recording, unless i reinstall.... again..... the same day, so for my own sake and peace of my nerves, i stopped using it for months now and started using Xbox game bar ONLY which does better job!!

All these, occur on a properly maintained PC and OS without bloatware or faulty drives.

I never, ever...ever had such issues while i was using Nvidia cards-software for over 20y now, except for few minor flaws occasionally which is understandable !!! AMD makes even BIOS browsing slow (maybe it applies for Asrock boards only or the specific model i have) while ANY Nvidia card used to handle it properly, smoothly, exactly like my last Nvidia card did on the same board.!!!

I never had to also deal with a forced dark theme containing blurry bold white letters, when everything else on the screen is clear as crystal, exactly like CCC was prior to these retarded changes over time.

Details matter and do make big difference, they can be annoying or pleasant... in this case, annoying only as i come across them daily.

Once i manage to buy my next Nvidia card, it will be permanent bye bye for anything has to do with AMD graphics, they will still have rich ignorant kids and young adults to buy their products... at least none of my AMD CPUs failed to work as intended, that's something.

To catch up with the defenders, i care not about your opinions that favor companies that do sketchy work. I know what i see, not what you think or assume, so i won't even bother to debate on something, no reason at all, as i also will not keep an eye on this thread for replies, same as the developers do ofc.

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