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Journeyman III

Threadripper + Hyper-V + SVM + changed CPU clock ratio won't boot into Windows

As my title says, if I change the CPU clock ratio inside the BIOS and SVM + Hyper-V are enabled my Threadripper 1950x system won't boot into windows, instead it get's stuck while doing so (maybe USB initialisation problems).

If I disable SVM or change the CPU clock ratio to Auto or 34 it works.

Inside Windows, the Ryzen Master software 1.3 doen't work with Hyper-V but version 1.2 does.

See here:AMD Ryzen Master VBS Error

After booting into Windows with Auto CPU clock ratio + SVM + Hyper-V I am able to change the CPU clock ratio inside the Ryzen Master Software 1.2 and it works just fine.

Is this a bug, a feature, or just a problem I have?

I am using a Threadripper 1950x on a Gigabyte x399 Gaming 7 with 4x 8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB for AMD Threadripper at 3200CL14.

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