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Adept II

This is fast becoming a joke... BASELINE FAN SPEED CUSTOM FAN CURVES

I was hoping 20.9.1 would solve the ridiculousness of AMD drivers built and provided by, presumably, one man.

I set my custom fan curve after doing a fresh install of the drivers (as I have done, many, many, many, many, many, many times before with various different driver versions, either using DDU or AMD's own options) and sure enough the baseline fan speed of 18% is active... until I wake my system from sleep mode or soft boot where the fan is stuck at 0% until I start gaming and ONLY THEN does it follow the rest of the curve. This issue has been going on, what... years now?

Must I change my path in life and take up coding just to spite the fools at AMD and provide some sort of relief to those deserving of better drivers? FAN CONTROL!!! This is part of the fundamentals and you cannot even get this right! What is wrong with you people at AMD? Your success currently is riding off the back of Ryzen and nothing more. If Big Navi is nothing short of some insane miracle that crushes the RTX 3000 series whilst simultaneously undercutting it, then your GPU division is going to plummet very low. Sort your god damn drivers out because I'm sick of it. If it's not fan issues it's something else. You're a bunch of foot-draggers. Never mind that you guys totally abandoned the polaris cards, rather early I might add, dropping game optimisations for some of the most popular cards out there instead focusing the limited resources on saving face with the disatrously bad silicon instability used in the 5000 series cards, leaving all other cards to suck it.

And I'm not saying this for the sake of it because I really genuinely am in the market for a new GPU, but at this rate I am obviously going to pick Nvidia... a company I despise but is known to handle drivers updates far better than you clowns.

Does anybody here, AMD fanboy or otherwise, really think it is acceptable (excusable even) that something as simple as fan control be so badly handled for so many years? You cannot defend this kind of thing and expect to be taken seriously.

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